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The two guards look at each other and said: “refused to leave, one day, one night did not go out halfstep entry with son breath judgment entries son is indeed always in the room” quiet laugh without a word,; unrolled the scroll, the sky, a Guyan soar, scattering clouds and water, but the bird seems to have walked on the cover of the Qing Yan proud, quiet smile and looked at the bottom of the inscription, a little red hidden in three little words Qing missing children. She slightly surprised, to see the items allowed again.; items allowed back at him. Determined as breath and said:! “I do not want to lie to you in my life not to mention the paint is rarely the only way to hold a pen is to steal the painting and martial arts seek to do is clear the only remaining six sub posthumous world to increase his autograph . I do not want to say how valuable this painting. wanted to steal a beautiful figure lie to you, but I know deceive. geocentric more deceive yourself! So I stole a piece of “halfwing figure . “at least even lose this painting as a gift you can accept,; maybe. later you will remember that I saw painted items allow such a man .” He was a bit excited. These few words, how can he now wanted to express to all of them. Her eyes at him. OK as if a rare gem. Not a little hint to defect. He wanted.; Madly want. But because he was afraid of the jade to not really sincere and not broken in her hand. So he retreated. His first attempt at such a feeling. Even not touch. Far watching. After the land is also a lucky miss the days . but all he could say to her. quiet laughter rolled scrolls.; Of items allowed Perfectionist Road: “Grand Theft Auto really extraordinary item allows you to steal the painting presumably also the way to steal a person in your room and it is also a martial arts is not a low person to send in your otherwise around two to experience. impossible not aware that you’re gone or not you have the room. ” items allow your fingers rub the rub his forehead and said: “You have been a quasiguessed.” “Semiwing figure. geese fly alone. although the wings. could only be called ‘semi’ I like . thank you. Xiang Yun and I will treasure it carefully.;” whisper. Xiang Yun secluded natural looking smile revealing a gentle shake to God. Even lost and how. He was glad. He did not lie to her. She sent him to understand the draw. She Zhizhirenxin simple statement. Her moment in demeanor. All his outpouring is not it In this life that can be saved with the value of the memories .; . quiet laugh watching items allowed to face. Some moved. Some also want to urge to laugh. But look to the cloud is intended to sweep early in time. These feelings give all vanished. She looked back at the rest of the way two picture. Which one would he be Maybe read it . she will know which one finger touch.; Not enough time in hand. Just listen to the door loudly shouted: “Liu steward someone got into the front floor .!” Then, one person ran into the tea room, Liu steward face overcast, snapped: “Wait did not see the point in this Gezhu clear!!” come lengleleng quick salute to quiet laugh: “Gezhu,; Liu steward, 华国成 king’s counselors share buy intelligence, just before the first floor kun cabinets are trading, suddenly broke into two, excellent martial arts, except me and the ancient broken, the other six people were injured! old has to chase off the . ” Liu is also a steward heard the urgent,; indignant and said: “! jiange to toss into the wash, this is the first time in decades,” he said, laughing look quiet, consult how to do. frowned quiet laugh, mystery floor stationed many people, but each one is a master Genei selected,; come six guards can instantly hurt, did not know he was. Is the share sold to the king of dossiers from, or directed from washing jiange not sure. “Liu steward, first heal the wounded brother rushed to the backyard and stole the message, should not run away, the trouble with people chase you personally also, otherwise it is not just wash jiange promises to the people,; pass out The Court’s reputation will be a great loss. simply the other side though provoke us, but not necessarily hostile to us, may be due to the share of the message is known as the king of major stakeholders in them, so not a last resort, not the next killer the person back to my parents before making a trial disposition. ” Liu steward mouth smile looking at a dash of quiet appreciation to Italy a few days to monitor the cloud’s six elementary human guards said: “Lan owned and SD leaving residual Come to convene others.” He looked to the other three channels: “There must be broken along the ancient leave a mark, make haste to support the three of you,; if the situation is unfavorable, as long as the holding enough.” few people have kicked away. They looked to see stay quiet laugh, no doubt, Liu steward is just in case, the most powerful of the two left to protect her, Liu careful steward of her in the eyes, but if the goal is that she has robbed Why dossier directly to assassinate effort,; thought, and she attributed SD Lan said: “Watching you two do not have this, and come not pushovers, only three, I’m afraid to go beneath to you both dodge, catch up faster than they should be three. ” Lan go with SD as one, two ancient broken and brother for many years, when you hear a message from,; and so they do not live long, but the two of them a go, here only Miaomiao quiet laugh, think of this point two Some people are hesitant. laugh faint smiles:. “In addition Miaomiao, where the three will not go sit at ease.” heard two people looked at the clouds meaning elementary, sideways and said: “Yes!;” tail has hardly ever, two are already in the hundred meters. quiet laugh watched them go back again on Miaomiao hands sight picture, anyway, a steal by how intelligence is not more important than her marriage. Moreover, a good decision maker first thing to do is trust their subordinates. She had just put aside the commotion, which picked up a roll,; started slowly, I saw her face quickly diffuse over Hongxia, cloud meaning early to know, she saw his paintings . On picture, xingmou half closed woman with arms around her lips close to the man, the man smiling brow, the two tangled hair in the water, as if to tell the most intimate words of love,; Obi rippling out of a meandering scenery . woman in the picture is a quiet laugh, man, nature is intended to cloud the beginning. Blank at the inscription as occasional vigorous, and as the oath Sansei be wrapped around the Mexican dance, do not envy the happy couple double butterfly habitat. smile painted on his secluded looked and looked, except she knew,; when she was in a state of consciousness blurred, any who read this will think the woman is painted by the kiss and indulge. He . he even drew a scenario in waterways during heavy . each individual case, clear and smooth, lifelike, if not engraved in mind, no one can this picturesque scene,; so will not be drawn to the realm of vivid detail. not envy the happy couple Amphibious butterfly . she silently to his sentence, that he can keep the mind in such a situation, pure and beautiful, when he wrote, painted her, who is also wanted her She seems to have in mind what is coming shift, accompanied by fear,; accompanied by uncertainty . leaves from quiet laugh been watching, judging from her reaction, her hands not his photograph, he glanced at the cloud meaning early, just to see which sections of tenderness hidden smile, seems intent early cloud smile, only to face the quiet laugh when not begrudge presented. Centrifugation leaves quite a taste,; he first intended to clear clouds are painted something, but he was the heart and clear, its content is definitely related to the two of them in the past. Wind white home, laughed when he first saw the quiet, early cloud meaning and undercurrents between quiet laugh to prove they had met, meaning the beginning of the cloud cast hairpin affection in public, his quiet little later and laugh contacts thought, meaning all just wishful thinking cloud early,; and now look at the look of quiet laughter, apparently is not the case, slightly lower than the heart of a little acid thrown in Italy, he is more curious is that the cloud is intended quiet early and laugh in the face What exactly happened before he . strange atmosphere Triple spread again, no one noticed a group of masked men are rapidly approaching the tea rooms. curly seen from the wide open window in the hands of the expanded picture quiet smile, Xin Xiada anxious, but in an instant and smooth down,; since it is still quiet laugh Chu look at the paintings, at least to prove that she did not make a decision, not everything evening, after the next thing to happen, Chu quiet laugh even been enamored who will probably all overthrow it! tight washcloth, reveals a premeditated covered rolls succeed sinister smile, laugh if you’ve seen quiet, probably would not fall into the trap of this simple,; but unfortunately, in this world there is no if. Everything’s wrong to blame day . strange feeling . strange impulse to blame . or that a bloody towel . can not, blame his heart, never to see the layers of the mortal world tumbling Scarlet .;  HU book Meng uutXT. COM whole grain sub Sakamoto reading slips Volume II Chapter XV fighting Bliss cited suspicions Words: 3385 two dozen shadows, quickly surrounded the twostory house into the tea hall when a few people noticed it was too late, the enemy got the upper hand, only to hear loud sharp whistle, like a burst of intense rain from hidden weapon open the doors and window smashed in, laughing quiet amazement Huixiu Douzhu dozens of pieces plum dart, Miaomiao snatched the first time want to laugh quiet side, so he next dodge being struck a deep lateral neck bloodstain.; quiet laughter quickly looked dart silver scattered on the ground, but fortunately . no Poison. She survived another round of attacks, red Miaomiao shouted: “!! Do not worry defense first” cloud intended early grab at the door, there is no gap back, while Dangxia attack side: “!; Are you okay.” crisis, no one forget that their love, laughter face red tide had secluded retreat, knew that he was asking himself, quickly replied: “!! not worry I’m fine.” Early cloud intended hear laughter quiet answer,; mind slightly stable, out the window and shouted: ” do not know which way such a big fuss friends” long while, no one responded, leaves from Leng Heng said: “The people who go down, Yanguoliusheng, only that shelled before Su Zhaotou, even what piece of the pond are afraid to report!” the face of the enemy’s disregard, meaning early cloud barely closed two doors,; just listen to the door after a while did not sound anxious earning six fan windows became the focus of their attacks. Window paper thin, even if you can only use brute force smashed, not to mention the internal forces reveals a hidden weapon. Cloud meaning early flash to the window, wrinkled brow, just before the House dossier was won, I’m afraid is Tiaohulishan dollars, these people obviously will be prepared for a long time .; in the end who directs His mind filter with all the possibilities. Leaves from the items not allowed him to understand, but Ge Wu Hill has always been good with people, although the term allowed for the Pirates, also Xiaming spread far and wide, with whom he had not heard of grudges. If that is flush jiange to, if not the political arena who know the mystery floor just wash jiange tip of the iceberg, as the focal point exists,; destroy a mystery floor, the huge dark forces intact, unless they are directed at rare appearances Wash jiange new Gezhu to . Another possibility that these people are taking advantage of his absence on the fluid, instigated by someone comes to kill him! Intensive hidden weapon, woven into a human figure, his eyes a little stained hatred, cool .; he can not be carried away by anger and hate. Regardless of who’s goal is to quiet him or laugh, he will not allow them to succeed! leaves from the Language position, being smaller attacks, he was the first to grab a laugh quiet side, tall stature will laugh at the whole person behind him quiet, secluded squally showers eyes suddenly stop laughing, she lengleleng ,; leaves from the back, even reminded her TANTAI Qin embrace . does not move like a mountain, as she firmly retaining the safest place . she bites Yaochun, now is not the time daze today She is no longer in the past that she was incompetent. She came out sideways from behind him, looking at her stubborn leaves from the eyes, no words,; only silence as much as possible to reduce the risk of her side. “Do not do that! either go out, or back on the floor.” the beginning of the offensive slowed down while the other is intended to cloud the occasion to turn back, to see the positive and laughing alongside the leaves from the quiet, aside faint of heart uncomfortable, he mentioned the heart calmed down a little. hear the crowd shouting cloud meaning the beginning,; there is a conscious tea beside the hall to the left of the staircase moves, but unfortunately, the enemy also insight into their intentions, some people are not forced to go back a few steps out of place. items allowed to see the potential, leaping toes while leveraging a little wooden table, the next moment people have been hanging on the crossbar. He frowned, he gets a touch of wry smile,; his skill in the end still can not keep up as quickly master. items allowed to withdraw so that the left side of the window to the position it is left unattended. Laugh totally secluded places exposed to the enemy sight. He glanced downward. Nail into the ground on his left leg gave several pieces hidden weapon. Palm between infuriating cohesion. Alignment thick heavy hit to the floor. Sawdust and the dust flapping his sweating face. He looked Kanlou panel hole to size.; The following people rushed shouted: “come quick!!” Ye Xiang Yun looked up and saw away from the hole poked in the face and hands. Smiled. Hand side Chezhu quiet laugh. She can not tell the difference. Leveraging a delivery. Quiet laugh volley to grab the edge of the hole. Xiang Yun took her in hand.; She pulled on the second floor. She gasped. She eventually was protected that one . temporarily calm her mood to enjoy. Probe nervously watching the situation below ground. items allowed secluded laughed off insurance. Jump again jump back to the tea rooms. Pain in his left leg while landing. Shimoji silk robe pants were soaked with blood.; Sticky paste on the skin. He barely stand. Grab Miaomiao around and said: “I’m guarding you go” Miaomiao looked up and smiled secluded upstairs alone. Chong Xiang Yun nodded: “Be careful!” Miaomiao be successful on the second floor. Tea hall only three men. floor to avoid the hidden weapon rapidly. But not necessarily safe. Five black people exchanged glances.; Volley leap second floor to the window. Immediately came to the second floor heard the sound of fighting. Downstairs to three people are hanging up. Shouted snatched the second floor. Helpless those hidden weapon fast, aggressive, accurate. Seems endless. Melee enemies seem to know these people who do not have cheap discussed.; With enough hidden weapon. I do not know these people are really beginning to cloud meaning he intended to come or do not have, gradually, the enemy targets people who started to become a cloud meaning, really want to allow immediate entry to see the situation on the second floor, but he took injury, the fix will become a burden to their quiet laugh, move closer to the beginning of his intention to the cloud while the red leaves from shouting: “! which have me help you to protect them.;” cloud meaning red leaves from the beginning also nodded, target of attack at the moment is that he, if he leaves, it will only bring all the enemies are upstairs. leaves from the two looked deeply and said: “Never Ruming!” Having people already fly the second floor. leaves from the left, while the enemy seems to be used almost hidden weapon, the attack obviously slow down,; meaning the beginning of the cloud was about to go out and allowed entry, only to lead the attack but added ten black people came. Early cloud meaning Mouguang a cold heart: fear ye not come in! upstairs side, laughing quiet and Miao working with five black people fight so quiet laugh is surprising is that these five people all over the Miao martial arts, if the battles in the arena, at least it is the name of the first One loud characters, watching her attention to their martial arts ones, my mind over and over could not find any search related information .; her heart under slightly cold, can have such a powerful . just . the famous and wash jiange The organization . enemy five to two, a longMiao good, close fight this on the more inferior, not to mention that she is still on top of the other skill, quiet laugh while also taking into account four Lidi Miao,; really hard. Miaomiao gas not only can not help themselves but also become a burden quiet smile, eyes reddening anxious not stop laughing and thinking quiet room measures in the Miao and beat for fear of distracting quiet laugh, she Yingkang will Tonghu exhaustively and the crest of the blood swallowed. quiet laugh glanced pale Miao, Yinya biting, sword Huatai Sheng right hand, left hand means of transport than ten successful force, she tried to grab one of the interrogators left to live,; but now also take them into account if, Miao Miao’s life I’m afraid to retain his job. She shuttle Quintuple, Pina, if fleeting, if You Long Wan, right hand to find the correspondence sway rainbow, shallots Yu Zhi Henla extreme left, she push back four,; sword for defense, left finger from tricky angles, raid attack Miaomiao man’s very spring , man smothered exclamation, his right arm resting limply side. glanced a quiet laugh, whirled away behind four of the storm. Then she saw a leap from the second floor of the leaves, leaves from the anxiously looked up and down the quiet laugh over and over,; to determine intact after her, his face like a rare treasure recovered as joy. he is so nervous that she had to laugh . he was a quiet Minchun also reassuring smile. They attend to speak, leaves from the circle to join the war, not only did his arrival

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Good with her height equal. She did not stand aside distant places, but straight upright in front of the target, the target disk to block the small side.; She nodded to Liu steward points indicate the beginning. face standing in front of the target quiet laugh, the first bit mask, but he soon cheeky smile, I thought what is strange, but it turned out to be so . not to mention the station where one person is the only full cover Under hearts, he will be in! He quickly chic Nock,; when the first acoustic drum sound, his eyes just locked hearts, arrows almost no hesitation. Jisi quiet laugh was whizzing arrows burst open when the wind blowing, coldness stern Jian Jian accurate hits hearts. She smiled, internal forces pushed the sound to the ears of the people, “Yan Shaoxia middle ten rings.” Then down,; the first one was proud of Montreal moved away, got the right one seat. Since the hit, he will qualify for three no doubt try, but, I’m afraid of all those present will be among the three tests, they would have no reason to be mistakes. Sure enough, the third to the fifth person also hit the bull’seye.; The sixth man has gone wrong, only hit nine rings, causing several people before a burst of laughter. Sixth man looked at the hands of the bow and arrow, his eyes full of surprise . he is obviously aimed at the bull’seye of . why . Why is it so . quiet laugh to see the sixth man to leave.; Lips slightly evoke. She did not say from start to finish to hit the bull’seye is the winner . seventh. Turn to cloud meaning early. he scowled. Looked a far stood quiet laugh. Looked at the bull’seye. Just when the match. He speculated her ground intention.; He felt faint. Does not seem so simple. But now is no time to let him think transparent it. First acoustic drums sounded. His bow ready. Red eyes looked not consciously deviate quiet laugh. Two complete drum sound. He stability of the steady state of mind. Sweep a bull’seye.; Now figure out. They do not want it. Arrow shot . quiet laugh watching that sticks Yu Jian flying. Bias over Hearts. The final nail in the eightring to the gap. Nine rings from sideline to stagger about two millimeters. She stared at the nock. After a long while close the eye.; She thought . almost no weaknesses to his tough mentality. Certainly not Shepian . but . the arrows. She geocentric chaos. She turned clear reported rings. Dai Li Yun Italian spot early moment . eight rings .; how would . how could . his incredible . What does this mean On behalf of his pains still lost her He looked up at the sky gloomily. Could it be . This is an act of God No! He will never comply with what God. Even if a test lose . he will never watched her Lingjia others!; leaf from this time lookin smile took the bow in his hand. Two eyes met. Spark spend a few collisions. Italy early cold cloud stormed a ride to the left. leaf from that early cloud meaning finally out, can not help but feel good, meaning no clouds early in the third test to contend with him who else Between thoughts, second tone muster, he quickly abandoned all thoughts,; your breath heavy gas, aiming hearts. Loosen the bowstring right moment, he seems to have seen the smile soft language Dimei quiet scene. “Ye Gongzai, nine ring.” this sentence so that leaves the hell away from the temple as slammed his target to see, and look back at the beginning of the cloud meaning, eyes inquired why,; early cloud intended to hook lip ridicule, if you know why, how he would Shepian . They should not have before seeing strange errors, so that last one in mind dark mood, on the arts, he is far less than the leaves from the beginning with the cloud meaning, which in the previous round, he knows it.; He cited the bow tightly pegged to the bull’seye, a strong desire to win made him the target surface ignores half Dangqu quiet laugh. Drums, he lost in stone, “ten rings” word, let him long sigh, got the winner from among that. nine people a test has been completed, laughing quiet leisurely walk back.; She swept the crowd face, no shot in the hearts of the trio, his face than an ugly one, whereas others look like a pair of strongly selfsustaining joy, she was silent for a moment, I do not know after the announcement of the results, how will they face. she rushed Miaomiao nod can publish the results. Miaomiao came up two steps,; crisp voice sounded:. “winner, three Ge Wu Villa Yeshao Lord, detached proindependence head of cloud son, the son of Grand Theft Auto items please allow entry of three mystery guests floor to rest today, Three test rules will inform tomorrow. ” remarks off all ignorant . but no shot to win those hearts, which in the end is what rules.; Somehow defeated six noisy open, claiming not to give a reasonable argument, they will absolutely not let go. Early cloud meaning, leaves from, allowing three items are also confused, not enough time to show the joy of winning in the face, indeed, rolling too fast,; so that everyone is some reaction, however. They thought lost already, and now the situation unexpected. quiet laugh glanced Buyiburao six people, this time on the jade tree bearing no claim to them, but this does not blame her, first round, she verified their accuracy.; The second round, in fact, is the surprise of psychological tests. Past life, she studied an information about psychological sniper, was completely out of love, did not expect to be used today. Information is not complicated, a country recruited dozens of the world’s top snipers in the wilderness organized a shooting competition.; The difference is that the target in front of each goal have put a piece of priceless antiques, before the game, the organizers introduced the antique origins and values, and told the snipers, if crushed, is the need for compensation . As a result, all the snipers invariably lost normal levels, shooting bullets thirty hair,; hair can deviate from the bull’seye every two to three centimeters range. Afterwards everyone called weird events, holding an incredible emotional examination of firearms are all normal. Organizers invite psychologists answer their doubts. Not their standards or firearms out of the question, but put aside because of their antique cause psychological implications, care and attention, is the key to their mistakes. So laugh secluded use of this information,; design the content of the second try. If a person can not even care and attention given to her, then that person will give her more than all the love her faint opening:. ” when Gentlemen arrows, their thoughts only victory target completely ignored me before I ask, is not” heard a few people finally quiet down. quiet laugh then said:. “Sorry, but this time I was elected husband,; which is not as if the country selected generals have my mind, how will only see the bull’seye, but I’ll close my disregard for this test done once validated. Ten people close to me have a crack shot with the same strength of you, but when I stood in front of the target, and no one can in the middle of hearts, although they told me there is no love, but they are loyal to me, a loyal word,; even had them re lives. Gentlemen extraordinary skill, calm selfsustaining, is not the person I need to say, gentlemen, if I understand the intention ” cloud meaning early listening, Shining eyes look to the quiet laugh. Love and not love, not with words,; even though they say, the person believe it or not does not mean that a person can control. No hearts exposed affair, caught unawares and can not be tempted to cheat, this time, she read his affection for her second try, the answer quietly came to an end when announced. That night, the clouds moved into the mystery of three elementary meaning the second floor,; the courtyard, tomorrow, what will be favored third chance Who  Hu   League uUTXt. CoM Quan Wen Wei then grind Bliss Volume II Chapter XIII ambush Words: 2645 night, a ruined temple in the suburbs, two relatively small figure sitting. “curly how do you see” “hard to say, you do not see clearly the expression of quiet laughter Why item allowed is hidden, among the world no less than what he stole,; but he did not know Closer not good, as it is another . strong, if not there is life in the body, I would never want to provoke such a figure, secluded from Chu laughing eyes to see, he also has the odds. called the Lord on our air to breathe, to be shot must be fast tomorrow too want to help try one of three no chance.; ” Sphere an innocent face, just in front of rolls before revealing the true side. He thought for a moment and said: ” Hero save the United States is not the oldfashioned point.” rolls quickly pat him on the head, did not dodge balls, rolls succeeded laughed: ” What you know is always old, but it is timetested plan can be” “But .” “But what You always say a word, nasty!;” balls white curly one said: “But how to get the two of them get together it should be selected if the other two were also in the side, we are not doing for others awake” “not afraid! case together, holding items allowed in several powerful, it is best to let him no effort directly into the three test! another thing, hey, while we can not necessarily bring this hurt him, but My son was convinced he certainly did not fast!; reason you know . ” Sphere nodded, and indeed the situation is the same curly said, “when hands” “before a test tomorrow!” “how manpower allocation. And after all, is the mystery floor hands. jiange of people go to find a way to mix wash.” two you made me one.; It is like chatting like homemade. Quickly finalize a conspiracy to assassinate the plan. Who is to assassinate the target is Of course, laughing quiet . but at the moment because of the results of the second round in a competition distractedly unaware quiet laugh. next morning. Quiet laugh already cleaned up. Sitin in front of the desk case I do not know what to think. Miaomiao help but urged:.; “. Gezhu hour almost over!” looked up at Miaomiao quiet laugh. Complex and vertical eye stuck in silence. A lot of things she wanted the night. Have not thought out answers. After yesterday. She inexplicably dreaded seeing the beginning of the cloud meaning. Nothing to do in the past.; Nothing to break Cang volumes. Nothing to be afraid of identity . . and leaves from a few years ago flooded bloody night. Night stop playback in her mind. God really loves and she joked. In addition to items allowed. The other two have more or less had a dispute with her. Is a sin or edge.; Can not judge. clear cry of the birds outside the window. Appears to have urged her. Her instant unlimited irritable. Today. She did not want to see any of them. Think again . she wants to come up with a good answer. “Miaomiao Three test you to arrange it,; I was so tired. Want a man quietly Do not let people bother me.” Miaomiao heard surprise: ” This is how the line last Zhuer not even face a positive test does not reveal too .” laugh secluded impatiently interrupted her and said: “how not, anyway, to 24 hours, and finally of course I will personally selected, hush me go!” Miao Wei Zhou brow,; thought, and finally no longer argue, go alone. two courtyards, the junior who had intended to wait for the cloud in chating, when Miaomiao entered the door, leaves quiet laugh did not come from watching his face flashed a little surprised, disappointed entries are allowed, but the beginning of a floating cloud meaning from a smile.; Miaomiao with some regret for Triple laughed: “illegal and Gezhu yi, published by me on behalf of three test content, you will forgive me.” Then down, six guards holding a palette into the mystery floor tea room. “three questions head painting.” item allows heard eyes blinked, his left little finger on his right hand stroked 一枚 green jasper ring, it is customary to action whenever he wants to steal what time,; but fortunately, no one knows where he’s the small problems . “Will the contents of the girl, painting may have limited” Ye heard aloud from phase consultation. Miaomiao nodded and said: “Of course, the content of the painting is limited to women, and . the woman you love hearts, the title poem can be communicating,; but do not leave you will choose Gezhu inscribed in the fourth day at dusk. Select one, who did not finish, defeated. ink pigments, etc. We already ready for you, while three will be sent to the room. During this period,; an average of six people behind me assigned to you, what is missing anything less, only need to tell them you can at the same time what the three want to go where they want, however they must take in order to witness the paintings are from you personally, otherwise abstain dollars., what you do not understand ” three shook their heads, meaning the beginning of the first to leave the cloud back into the house, followed by the two guards behind the natural distribution.; They should put an item, they waited at the front of the room. Cloud their meaning might sound slightly to almost inaudible breath, raised an eyebrow, obviously, six people assigned to them are experts, but such monitoring does not seem to make sense. He rolled out drawing paper, not in a hurry put pen to paper.; Miaomiao myself with the rules dictated, not leaving inscribed, she really want to draw blind election with it He will no doubt draw her, but he wants to draw a kind of her, he had to think about . leaves and clouds from Italy early this time, as the delay does not put pen to paper, draw the beloved woman . this topic let him daring,; if that beloved, whom he painted that He had a love, laughter ended quiet in the garden is also aware of. Painting or drawing new love, old love . he did not know which one will be impressed by the quiet laugh. Painting old love, he was afraid to laugh tryst intolerable, and therefore not selected.; Painting quiet laugh, he feared she would think he is a fickle person. For a time, trying to come into leaf off, he really is not very understanding of a woman’s mind . items can not allow this moment thinking about painting something, if anyone, or say what effort he definitely stole the line, but he painted .; good than not the body of those two, he is a bitter childhood, children, Mongolia Master shelter trained herself extremely stealing skills, but he never spent on these things over the slightest romantic mind, and behold, today the ratio is painting work! He subconsciously look to the door, come this far,; how he will not easily abstained. He does not covet wash jiange name of the first to have a competition solely because idle very boring, you can first see the beauty in the fog on the terrace tea garden when he accidentally lost his heart. Displaced nothing of life, he has been quiet enough . maybe laugh is his return at how he must try . . trio with quiet laughter throughout a room, thinking the same thing but different,; quiet laugh do not know, because she does not appear today, virtually defuse a premeditated assassination. mystery hidden in rolls of floor wall corner biting his lower lip, usually innocent expression vanished. But she could not look back into the second pavilion, Chen Sheng for a shadow behind and said: ‘Go and balls, and then to withdraw 24 ” shadow kicked, just blink of an eye has disappeared.; curly secretly thinking about, is there any other great opportunities. If you wait Chu smiled quiet heart has been decided that her plan will be greatly reduced, so you must act before this. Like a long time, she uphold shook his head, if they get together for adventure lead, ultimately, will leave traces must let Chu quiet thought they were just going to laugh assassinate her husband with the election can not be done on the relationship.; But on the fourth day of action, but also a bit late . curly recover sight, had decided to discuss and balls do intend to, before leaving, inside her mind illegal channels: Chu quiet laugh, you do not choose the wrong, otherwise, the main penalty on tour I will lead,; but will refund to you a thousand times .  nu   Moe uuTxt. cOm Quan Wen Zibanyuedu Volume XIV wrapped Bliss ink Words: 3424 four days, so fast that people can not catch its existence, time has come to loosen the grip of quiet laughter skirt hand, stepped out of the door. two courtyards, the beginning of the cloud meaning and leaves a confused look from being allowed entry holding the picture, because of the time,; the two of them have not had time to draw their own framed, but it is a roll of entries allowed in the hands of the paintings mounted over Besides, look at the color of the paper, the picture is at least a degree of fifty years old. Xiang Yun Chong Han Han smile duo, both of them are not prepared to answer the question asked in the eyes. leaves from just about to open, happened Miaomiao stepped tea rooms, some simple greetings,; Miao had received the picture in their hands, holding in his arms. Wait a long time, laughing quiet and Liu steward has come. seen a few days, the cloud is intended to detect early first glance, today’s smile seemed haggard quiet, does the trial because two . laugh too quiet to him over here,; the two eyes touch, laughing quiet side head scurried to escape, red leaf and items from Yun smiled. Miaomiao holding a picture came up and said:. “Gezhu, in which the” quiet laugh look towards reel, first noticed a framed photograph of items had allowed her brow Weicu, which was somewhat puzzled, fingers stroking the paper allowed her to see the items,; and asked: “I do not know son followed the entry Which two guards ” Six people side stood silent, two people stepped forward, walk through the ceremony and said:. “back Gezhu, both of us.” “24 years, but you refused to leave”

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Side. The impact of the swords.; Flaring glaringly spark. black people attack was swift. TANTAI Qin Shou too strict. For a time hard to compete. gone 20 strokes over black people getting a little impatient. He did not expect, TANTAI Qin powerful than he imagined, the thought that today must be able to have a taste of desire, does he waited so many years,; still can not kill him TANTAI Qin flashed his attack, a slight chuckle:. “Yes, your skill and entry, and just, but as you show emotion is so calm.” black eyes finally reveal the hint of looking angry, clenching his teeth, the faint sound of friction,; TANTAI Qin self as too high, as always, everyone seems to be looking at the share of pride. He will make TANTAI Qin know, standing here now is not the year for him! His hands find the correspondence changed, TANTAI Qin frown, I saw black people completely abandoned the defensive, wide open space,; and must actually hard to play. But whenever he is not antiTANTAI Qin attack when black people have always forced TANTAI Qin back to save. TANTAI Qin resorted to a trick “overnight as the annulus hold on,” he was black people find the correspondence exquisite easily resolved, back to attack black people on the occasion of the potential, TANTAI Qin clearly see that his lips silk filled contemptuous laugh. and fight the San Shizhao, TANTAI Qin look gradually thickened, black people but it is a onetrick as smooth as river,; layer upon layer around TANTAI Qin Jianguang whole body. black people to TANTAI Qin sword Zuoxie pick out words excited and said: “! waste your left arm, the original and did not really like the tiger teeth” TANTAI Qin, without a word, accidentally came to cope with the rapid moves. His martial arts to most Henla fingering, lost his left arm, left fingers and hand sword no longer complementary,; indeed power greatly reduced, but to cope with black people, but also with less than his left arm. He Mouguang aweinspiring, a type of “compassion should Tianxin long song” sway out, forcing black people Annealing steps, a move completed, TANTAI Qin was stiff in the spot, he Wojian sort of shaking hands The next trick .; next move is stabbed Mo Ni’s trick . also fortysix type in the strongest trick, Mo Ni died of laughter in his eyes open to zoom, color conceal his pain, Mo Ni death, he has not used this trick again, like a mantra letters from taboo. black people did not take into account why he was hurt, underground passage soon: a good opportunity!; Tricky angle sword, piercing to TANTAI Qin. appeared to succeed, TANTAI Qin sword coldness in flash, when life and death instinct dictates, on a stiff style in the fortyfifth Janus, “Take pity Hanmang not Evocation” just naturally overnight. black people Swords knelt on the ground, eyes full of hatred unwilling and,; in addition, there is a trace deliberately hidden fears. Although he lost the battle . avoid the vital, but still hurt organs Jian Qi, one of his vomit blood, head propped look forward to TANTAI Qin. Why! Why did he worked hard for so many years,; still fell such a shame situation! He was not willing! Reconciled ah! How can can, now, his life is like ants in general lowly, TANTAI Qin do not even need any moves, you can easily Zhanxia his head. With TANTAI Qin steady pace slowly closer,; he smelled the odor of death . wiped his mouth with his sleeve bitterly blood, closed his eyes, and death, he has never been afraid, TANTAI Qin not narrowminded person, he would give him a happy it! With this intention, he brought back lips slightly,; fearless faces, he left his last vestiges of dignity. TANTAI Qin looked at black people ready to die smile, stopped in her tracks. Time seems to be solidified at the moment, such as black people do not come a long sword killed, slowly opened his eyes, TANTAI Qin recalled a face stuck crashed into his eyes. Unfortunately,; unfortunately he has no air force attacked again, in vain miss the opportunity to attack, as long as the purpose, he did not care to use the despicable means, but now he can not do even despicable, breath of chaos, he cough out mouthfuls of blood. TANTAI Qin was the sound back to reality, as he successfully challenged yet solidified drops of blood on the blade,; big black man approached, he looked down black man’s head, no shot, recovered the sword scabbard, ” rip “sound ripped black man scratched his breast, a half a foot long wound visually at least three inches deep, eversion of bright red blood oozing flesh constantly. He quickly ordered a few big black man to , blood immediately stopped,; looked up at him startled black people do not understand what he was going to do . TANTAI Qin watch intently the man in black, lightly: ” addition you want to kill me, who else.” black people scorn a chuckle: “! besides maiming innocent and who grudges against you I will!” maiming innocent words, let TANTAI Qin Huqu startled, showing a touch of regret color,; but still sharp eyes, he’s contemptuous disregard for black people, a single word:. “I hope you remember your saying if you She dared to touch a penny, I will personally taking you! ” “Nine years ago, I had tried to kill her, that would be easier than to kill a rabbit.” TANTAI Qin Wen Yan,; Jin Jinzuan right hand into a fist, his eyes since the two met for the first time revealed the intention to kill. black people do not care about his reaction, continued:. “! then I want you to also know the pain of losing loved ones, but some . I eventually not you.” TANTAI Qin fist hand,; after a moment and finally release it slowly. He looked a deep black people, and turned to leave, he did not look back, gray robe pendulum gradually fade into the vast darkness. black man looking at his back, his eyes showing a touch of deep bitterness, it is based not hate! TANTAI Qin did not kill him,; he Jianhui a life, but do not expect he will be so down enemies hearts! Live, is an insult to him, to prove that he is still negligible in the eyes of TANTAI Qin, Qin Tantai small to know that he will not give up, but also disdain personally kill him. “TANTAI Qin! you will regret it!;” His teeth out of this sentence, emotion caused by a violent cough. If he is one man in this life can not settle old scores, he would borrow the hands of others at all costs! His strange smile, supported by the sword in the ground, struggling to get up. Leaning on the edge of a low wall narrow channel, chose to go the opposite direction when the TANTAI Qin,; stumbled leave. That person, that person must be killing the TANTAI Qin . idea raging in his blood, but also to support his body fell to the ground at any time may, he will not care about the choice he dragged to hell, because tonight, he already body Hell . quiet laughter suddenly awakened from a dream,; sat up at the same time, all dreams are quickly dispersed, leaving a blank, she was trying to remember, but it was in vain, only dreams deep fear still remains in reality, eroding her nerves. She took a few breaths, calm and still racing heart,; get dressed up. still deep night, she looked Genglou, but only Yinshi four carved, vaguely ominous enveloped her thoughts, no sleep, she opened the window, no star moonless sky, dark clouds top,; and pretty soon a torrential rains roaring. she secretly consoled himself, because a few days to come will be tense mood Dream, nothing . nothing . a vanished dream only, and will not restless paranoia. she shut the window, by sitting on the couch,; since sleep, she no longer force yourself to sleep, quietly waiting for the arrival chenshi second try. uU book League uuTxt. COm interpretation mosquitoes from plate reading Volume II Chapter XI Bliss Commander Words: 2580 open space fog Ming Garden, last night it was transformed into a school field general appearance, chenshi, laughing secluded accompanied Miaomiao slowly row to open space, insomnia Dream later,; does not seem to affect her mental state. She looked at a hundred paces outside the target hanging between wavefront flow sparkle. many people will be confused by the appearance of the design right here . her sly smile. moment after another have someone come, Liu steward is to check the names. Already sat quiet smile gracefully tea case side, standing to the direction of Liu steward looked. first to,; turned out to be the leaf away. red leaf from quiet nod to laugh, just look at his refreshing look, no doubt, his grasp of anyone this off well. Quiet laugh at him, eyes become more of a smile. ten, twenty,; twentyfour, seeing chenshi three engraved upcoming, more than eighty people turned out yesterday came only less than 30 people. A color word, really few people can resist, it seems no need to wait any longer, quiet laugh is preparing to announce the rules indicate Miao, suddenly, she was shocked,; it was . cloud meaning early . Early cloud intended walked slowly exudes cold chill, he appeared from his eyes from laughing so quiet on leave. Quiet smile frown partial beginning, not responding to his eyes, his eyes emotions, there is questioning, provocative,; a little pain, as seen clearly, so she can not calmly back at him. had avoided the sight and feel but still sharp. Laughed the whole body like a thorn in the side as uncomfortable quiet. About last night, she is guilty of some, as goes into the costumes were burned note . she had to admit that she intended to cloud again early admiration.; Sang’s proflow technique, she inadvertently learned something, so she named the stream skirts meaning assigned to early cloud, today he appeared on time, she’s hard not to be surprised, what is he to do . quiet laugh to see the beginning of the cloud is intended reaction, and finally smiled, looking around the eyes from wind swept leaves into two test opponent,; he could not really expected, exposing the dark sub yesterday, today, no one in here. quiet quickly put down the mood to laugh, looked faint of Miao said:. “started it.” Miaomiao nod. Went to twentyfive.; “Today, two test is divided into two rounds. hundred of you see the target right field. ten arrows hearts full of the winner. could enter the second round. Additionally remind you. targets can be moved to live target.” Miao Miao brief finished. Liu steward took from the hands of the roster Road:.; “The first Chinese national government 翟逸公 LELING waiting child.” then down. A young calmly out of the line. The waiter handed him a bow and arrow. He tried to look bowstring beaming with satisfaction. Nock. Open bow. Just listen to loud drum sound. Hanging to target fast sliding from west to east.; To twothirds of the time. Yu Jian piercing out. Middle hearts. Youth sigh. Catch the second arrow . Italy, and leaves from the beginning of the cloud looked for a moment. Invariably look quiet laugh. Such a test ground.; Compared with yesterday is too simple. How can they not surprised. But look smooth quiet laugh. Can not see anything. Two had to turn his head to continue the match. moment. The young man has hit eight of hearts. Ninth Yu Jian. He pulled too slow.; See the hint of laughter quiet smile do not have meaning. This a test looks simple. In fact, this last two arrows is the key. No immersive who are unable to understand the kind of pressure on land. She believes in one sentence: the greater a person is able to withstand the pressure. Less likely to be living down. youth staring slidably target. Arrow shot.; Wait an instant can clearly see him holding a bow in hand trembling slightly. When Yu Jian nailed on target in a moment. With the crowd to riot. He was disappointed to close the eye. Biased. In the end is a little biased. But even this little bit of distance. He missed the next round of sentencing. cloud meaning early squinted,; and finally understand the intention of quiet laughter. Then turn the leaves from the play, I saw him pull out three Yu Jian from the quiver, to play drums, with only three Yu Jian from the bust while flying the wrong target, brush brush, impartial finished shape in prison firmly nailed hearts, few people could not help but applaud until the moment we still think the opponent, but also embarrassed gone live.; Leaves from smiled, did not move to outside interference, but also two three arrows, which are secretly quiet laugh even under deep admiration. Leaves from the last draw an arrow, Huitouchong laugh quiet smile, after a moment, he turned around and stared at a hundred paces, but left clean,; slender fingers, firmly clenched bent, an arrow shot without hesitation, “shabu” Jin Yu . trailing white arrows in the air to draw a swift arc . middle of Hearts! leaves from the release subconscious fist right hand, palm do not know when gathered a little sweaty, even he had also nervous.; As the first winner, leaves aside from being requested to take a seat and wait for others to have a competition. waiting, always long. Ye see from some absentminded opponent today is indeed stronger than a lot of the time trial, but did not strong to the extent of his attention, his only concern is still early only cloud meaning. After about an hour, and finally turn to cloud meaning the beginning,; he slowly walked to the boundaries of the ribbon bar starting from the quiver Lift waiter also draw three arrows. Leaves from the frown, do not cloud the beginning of preparations intended to emulate him from drums, Italy saw the beginning of the cloud bow Nock, almost sliding down the target, while the first arrow has cosine, steps aimed at eliminating him directly, he quickly catch another branch, in the first When a stone fly to halfway,; followed by the second arrow away. The first arrow firmly nailed hearts, he slightly adjusted the angle of the bow sheets more full, and the third shot out. At the same time, just listen to the sound of arrows split came second arrow turned into two of the first arrow, arrowhead placement is not nothing worse, than the finished three arrows hit and difficult words how much I do not know times. The crowd exclaimed,; the third arrow seems to prove that all this is no accident, splitting the second arrow, standing on target to show off its existence. Completion of three arrows, targets only slipped half full length. leaves from the sight of which looks unchanged, but it has not been ported to drink tea cup betrayed his mood. cloud meaning the beginning quietly, to be replaced target again,; he went to the waiter hands quiver grabbed the back of the body. He slightly stability of the steady hands of Strongbow, which is just to follow, this time, he’s a bit faster, almost seven arrows go. With the last arrow piercing away, quivering bowstring lonely, this skill has not called subtle,; perhaps nirvana can only be defined by the word. There is no doubt intended to cloud the early strong among the second round, the crowd stared woke up to God, the expression is different, some are really appreciative, humbled some of shyly, others are hard to hide jealousy. Quiet laugh, but with all different,; she just looked at a hundred paces outside silent meditation. Early cloud meaning virtuosity, her admiration of course, but she is more concerned about is that he does not hesitate, it seems that all the pressure on him completely lose the effect. She asked myself, if today is a test of their own in the field, she can not do his degree. Thus,; he is mentally tough, let her fear. remaining test of a few people, she inadvertently look past noon, than finally finished the first round. eliminated sixteen, win nine. second round, will continue after lunch,; the afternoon laughing secluded expect a test of the rules, intended to cast a cloud early glance, perhaps, the first round victory, not his royal road leading to the next test, but he failed foundation! U excellent book  B UuTxT. cOm Tsuen mosquito word version read more Volume XII Bliss measured heart Words: 3079 afternoon, sunny weather had suddenly darkened,; layers of thick clouds covered the blue sky, people virtually feel depressed. crowd hastily eaten lunch return space. The original target had been suspended removed, replaced a hundred standing alone outside the wood. Miao told her quiet smile special circular target hung on the wood. The reason that is special, in fact, nothing more than that,; in addition Hearts, the tick with several thin rings, says one to nine numbers in the neutral position of each ring. quiet pacing in front of nine people laugh, “Gentlemen, on a ten shot ten rounds, this round is still a test of archery. simply, living dead target to target.;” heard nine people were very surprised, so why not be more simple! Yet it can target them live foolproof hit hearts, not to mention the throngs of a target to stay dead. quiet laugh no more to explain, continued: “hit the bull’seye is calculated according to the tenth ring, the ring is the highest number, followed by a nine to ten arrows points do not need this round victory, Gu Xiang three times the arrows.; , a stone’s throw winning or losing, if the drums stop, yet the arrow, then the failure count. finish in a test of ten rings were seated at the right side, not the person on the left and I will personally reported target for you. ” she said, and immediately turned and walked to the paces outside the flak.; stone winning or losing But why so much of the ring Apparently shot in the bull’seye ten ring is the best, but laughter is witnessed nine quiet strength, they can not deviate . every heart give birth to a sense of uncertainty. laugh quiet walk to the front of the target, the target just

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, Leaves from watching the chaos of the early cloud meaning micro hair,; can not help but laugh out loud, first opened the eyes of the withdrawal. quiet smile looked at the sky, looked at some of these are linked to the color of the crowd, at the moment, she has recovered the calm, slowly: “I invite you to stay at Park ended tonight, tomorrow chenshi three engraved continue with the second test. ” Park ended a word,; causing an uproar. quiet laugh enigmatic smile, that’s right, only park where she had planned a trial anyone. Presumably Tonight, everyone flies very exciting! She gave a slightly more complex meaning clouds early, turned to exit the crowd of sight. Liu steward pampered a roster above has been injured,; dead, and those who have been out to the hook. A quiet smile turned the page, and no one read it to understand her at the moment of expression. Liu et steward silent for a moment asked: “Fortunately, the injured, said a trial in his death that several of us have to worry how much some stakeholders, Gezhu think” quiet laughter aside the roster, closed his eyes for a long while and finally said:.; “if not wash jiange people shot, but in the end it is because I am from Italy killed Liu steward, you go to arrange, on this family of seven important news, there must be in our hands, you mention the dossier sent instantly sent, in addition, if they are asking to wash jiange future, we will help it at all costs,; even if it is a small repayment of course . who is unable Ming Zhong repaid. ” Liu steward kicked back out. Miaomiao a cup of tea on the side in front of the quiet smile and said: “This can not blame Gezhu, to blame blame that person!” quiet smile and shook his head, with a bit tired. Whether the killers and cloud meaning early or herself, can not revive the dead,; and now the discussion about who’s more wrong, make sense No . do our best to repay, is the only way. Miaomiao see her without a word, do not say anything. laughed and sat quiet for a moment and said:. “Come back tomorrow for a test as originally set to” Tonight, humanity and ethics,; how anyone who wins the right to see the personal, Chromic Park ended, a dance Clothing tune out the characters, I’m afraid that every man can not Zuohuaibuluan. Seventy four years this will be a nice few people off, she’ll see. excellent   book  B uUTXT. COM Quan Wen Hui bang banana Volume IX prolanguage stream Bliss Couture Words: 3774 lanterns into the costumes will be a note on the candle burned clean. She did not think that day with the leaves from the city to elect a woman is her husband’s silk wash jiange Gezhu,; when quiet laugh to please her, she almost said yes without thinking. Just burned the note, but also from the hand of quiet laughter. Long eyelashes light down, thinking she was a little moment, my heart has had care, tender trap, and who designed more clever than her “away from children!;” a clever little girl should be a cry, and went into the room. “You Sang to inform the flow will be the beginning of the cloud meaning tonight.” away children a little surprised, stream skirts the park has a special status ended, all shelter garden only women, they are called the servant girl, except flow clothes, commanded them to call into the costume lady,; and skirts from the stream into the Only park, see off, but three times, she had seen the man, without exception, from the enormously wealthy man reduced to begging on the streets of scenery situation. Not only is the child away, everyone convection skirts have kept a curiosity, but they never inquired into with a costume so many years,; they know should not ask do not ask. Away from children see a costume that no other orders, quietly left the room, the messenger went. cloud intended for a beginning robes, color daytime exhaustion swept away. He did not sleep through the night early, staying at the moment is sitting in the courtyard, courtyard garden beautiful ending everywhere,; he looked around, seems to be in the scenery, only he understood, he was waiting there to save crashers midnight touch on his bed! Buduoyihui, he triggered a touch of lips smile, her eyes a little colder, the heart under illegal channels: come! Meanwhile,; a burst of blue like the nonblue, like the elegant aroma of musk deer non wind and to alone smell, initial cloud meaning to those who have been able to determine definitely impressive. squeak loudly, a woman prime hand and skirts, walking light comes into the room, walked straight to the beginning of the cloud meaning. cloud looked intended to come early, Anzan loudly: really a human creature.; But for him, it’s useless, brought up in the palace, he was not seen what kind of beauty, the more the appearance of a beautiful woman, the more heart Henla, such as his Fu Huang Li Fei, Chun since he honored . laughed at first glance from the quiet,; I do not know why, he never would have done her compare with those of the woman. line to the woman in front of him, not Jian Li, and went straight to sit at his side, without the slightest unnatural. cloud meaning she nodded slightly early punch. Sure enough. Only park owner is really special care of it for him!; But he is no mood to accompany them to play with. He lightly open asked: “Name of the girl to ask.” woman looked up and looked at him. Eyes touching. She slightly startled. Such a man. She saw her first. Silver Qionglou swayed. His whole person is like a very enjoyable way poetry.; Does not belong mundane earthly. God only a moment to shake her. Then they immediately think of a costume called her to come to head. Softly replied: “Flow Couture.” Without those cumbersome to themselves. She reported that her simple names. cloud meaning early unmoved. Got up and said:. “Flow profile for aircooled girl skirts the girl next Shaopei Please help yourself if you want to enjoy the scenery.;” Finish. He no longer look at her. Turned to leave. flow skirts when trained to be so cold. How many people are only willing to see her daughter. She holds Juanpa a finger tightened. Just now. She also considered to be contrary to what the consequences of a costume. She willingly with his wine night.; He did not want to harm the side door of the law. But. He plots tone. In such a manner demeanor. Deeply hurt her. Although she wanted to prostitution. Identity than not Jinzhiyuye. But she was in the United States. Including her own included,; have never questioned the ground. He did so in exchange for contempt. Case. It is no wonder her! She sadly opening: “Cloud son stay behind me say a few words and left” meaning cloud stopped early step. Turned to look at her. He apparently refused. She does not let go of it flow skirts softly smile and asked: “But the son has a sweetheart” cloud is clearly not intended to prepare early to answer her question, “This has nothing to do with the flow like skirts girl.;” watching the beginning of the stream Sang Yun Italy, approached up a few steps, stopped in five steps far away, I saw her pupil cast a branching off of Purple Haze, clouds do not speak Italian first saw her, wanted to turn away, But the strange thing is, he can not evacuate her eyes gaze. “cloud son and I did not feel like she had some of it .;” statement tone questions, coauthored her eyes Purple Haze, so early awareness of cloud meaning uncontrolled some blurred. flow skirts smile more gentle, her close to him, until the distance between two people can hear the breathing, she stared at him, fingers touching his palm, he felt stiff,; her hands holding his hands together, Sakura Zhang lips together, her voice beginning in the cloud meaning ears started to become far, far too seems to be coming from the illusion . Her face has gradually blurred, close the distance, but he could not see her facial features. He shook his head , then looked intently,; and gradually began to clear the face, her lips, her facial features are so familiar, how many times every night in his mind face, smile Yingran quiet laugh is holding his hand . “meaning early, cold, we say go, okay” she calls him,; as had Huanguo thousands of sound so familiar and natural, meaning some early cloud nodded blankly, either she took him into the room. hotbed warm accounts, beauty head resting against his shoulder early cloud meaning. nephrite in arms, ambiguous position, the flow of subtle fragrance, all turned into a cloud meaning can not refuse the beginning,; the arms were still something that he can not hear clearly . he just looked at her with a frown journeying smile, everything seems like a dream, you can touch the hands of the body, with a temperature . he is really thinking also holds the final points clear, where quirky, but felt he could not think. Suddenly she withdraw from his arms into the sky,; he subconsciously pulled her hand. “I do not go.” let him hold her hand, the other hand to unlock the outer skirts of ribbon, satin slip, exposing the white jade Ying shoulder, the action did not stop her hands, bondage belt broke away Luoqun falling to the ground, the woman beautiful curves in thin as onion skin coat cover under looming.; Early cloud dried Italian tongue just felt unbearable, but a mind constantly ringing voice: “This is not a quiet laugh Chu is not!!” He struggled with the voice of desire. Voluptuous body wrapped up, he suddenly push, followed with a puzzled look to their own hands . “meaning the beginning, that you love me are false!;” front came the sound of laughter quiet sad . “No!” he blurted out . Mouguang intricately watching people . her tearful eyes make him sad . but there really anything wrong . ask him frowning forehead . she has unknowingly opened his belt she. heart,; that sounds more and more intense, he examined her frowning face, the memory of those baby blue glowing dark eyes, and why now is branching purple, not! It was not her eyes, her eyes breathtaking enough, but the eyes shining with a touch of the total and with some stubborn melancholy light! He struggled memories,; but how can not remember how they live together in a room. flow Couture found his movement in the eyes of the Reed Flower flourished. cloud early exhaustion of the last touch of sanity Italian escape her eyes. Mei surgery! Eyes isolated moment in his mind of the word as a flash of lightning. Mei surgery he has heard, but never met, but I do not know how to crack. As he intuitively understood that he now needs most is cool!; He closed his eyes, he was calling her what will never be opened, and the woman’s voice is also heard in the ears with the sound of laughter generally goes quiet, Mei surgery and did not crack. half chaos in his mind, half awake in. He did not know how long this state, he was afraid of her next sentence will confuse him sink into the fantasy in again, can not see through again,; he is not sure! now only one way to go . gather his cold hands, fingers out of thin air condenses out a thin but hard Frostsaber, about half a foot long, and he refused to think about, Xinyi Heng, directly inserted into the thigh texture Frostsaber the. Burst of intense pain hit,; it brought back his lips, ek touch with cruel smile. memories return, while he looked disheveled cold eye lift flow Couture, “flow skirts girl Mei was amazing technique.” flow Couture frightened like two steps back, and then she saw his legs oozing bloody earnest, indeed, selfmutilation is most stupid to get rid of prosurgery but also the most direct way,; but not everyone can do, because Most people simply can not struggle out of the illusion was. She lost, and even can be said that fiasco. She calmed down, quietly pick up the messy clothes, unhurried wearing up and said: “Flow Couture admire, but can not stop the son of the head of the strange garden, to wash afterwards jiange Gezhu also invited to go,; but we She is entrusted by it. ” this sentence halftruths, the garden only know Mei surgery only just one stream skirts. Those who should be selected to live in the park ended, a costume but is Allure’s beauty to seduce, only the beginning of the cloud is intended here, sent a stream skirts. cloud meaning early cold to see her for a moment, thin lips delicately: “!; you go.” After the failure of the flow Couture want to protect themselves, she saw a clear intention to kill the eyes from the beginning of the cloud meaning. Having heard this heart next song, nodded salute and turned to leave. cloud meaning early tear sheets, fastened to the leg wound, the thorn, deep,; he only considered a break, a measure of the severity of the hands barely. If tomorrow, but also with people fighting, he probably would suffer. Chu quiet laugh . this is what you want If only just because he is royalty, there may be such an extent! Tomorrow chenshi,; she saw his face what will occur Surprised Madden But it certainly would not be pleased . lost, as the morning mist in his heart filled with . the same time are in some tricky floor laughing quiet restless, Miaomiao could not help asking. quiet smile down on the couch, watching the canopy of brocade and said:. “I think, tomorrow at noon,; when someone got up and found his face look like a test missed.” she turned around and guess the meaning of cloud holds many lessons for beginning what will be the situation, she finally designed him, shake off him tonight is over, he would never again have a face appeared in front of her, but why, she laughed does not come out, she should be easily fishes . .; her long sigh, slowly closed his eyes. not want to, she reached the purpose is not it Tomorrow, the second try, she also was busy . thanks to a collection of this article, and has been in all the pro everyone’s support for the “late” is the driving force thousands of votes u quiet book  B UuTxt. Read more mosquitoes pull Tsuen COm Bliss Chapter II woe cited Words: 3809 black bird,; flapping wings, gliding in circles in the air. Robehand man clinging jug, leaning on two scarlet stone lions outside the gate, he looked up at the sky, a hazy eyes dazed. Blackbird uttered a scream, pierced the silence of the night. Man staggered a few steps forward,; hear birdsong directed at the sky a laugh: “You come to me ah!” He will jug on the ground, and bend the index finger to his lips move, clear whistle sounded, Blackbird had instructions circled down, light falls on the shoulders of the man in brown. man stroking Blackbird supple feathers, like stroking the child’s head in general love. Then he pulled the letter box in the left leg from the Blackbird densely filled with small print of a piece of paper on the front of scarlet hanging lanterns,; watching carefully, just like a drunken haze swept away, replaced by a insight into the clear light of things. long time, he looked up, the right hand slip grip force, then shrugged when fly ash frolic with the night wind chased away. He again touched on the Blackbird’s back, like saying to the birds,; but also like himself: “Why sometimes think she’s far from mature and age, sometimes it felt like she was a child it was childish . talk of the town, she is to take revenge of their own safety to me what “He shook his head, the contents of the note so that he could not help but sigh on that quiet laugh at the full written after it reaches the silk city bit by bit. he pulled out a small bottle from her, poured a pale blue pills to feed Blackbird eat, he did not write back, knowing it was too late,; he has no ability to stop her wayward, I hope she can really work together to find a person’s life. Blackbird hopped upon his arm, and he forced a brace, Blackbird occasion to fly, hovering in the air a few times, sounding cry after him farewell with, the direction of the country and flew to the starry night. him pick up the jug,; shook, Mengguan one, seems to inadvertently glanced behind him, marching pace turned into a narrow channel stumble. When crescent moon was hidden into the clouds, a black figure with lightning speed punch will come up, crashed, cracked jug on the ground. not come to see a strike,; wafting back immediately Shu Zhang, both in the dark as the confrontation of potential. the hands of black people tightened sword and was about to attack up, man in brown Langxiao cry:. “I did not expect, after all, you do not put your .” black people look cool, hid all expression,; but unblinking eyes watching each other’s every move, for a long while, he finally replied:. “TANTAI Qin, so I did not think you look like a pair of abjection” TANTAI Qin heard, looked skirts Jiuzi not dry, noncommittal raised his eyebrows and said: ” how you got the” black people did not answer, pointing bird blackbird flew direction. TANTAI Qin silence.; Look to the sky distantly. “Fortunately That girl does not know this.” Followed. He looks a Su said:. ” I think you’ve resolved the share of hatred for so many years it was my mistake to hide your good.” black man grunted: “It also would have you to thank you for early death is something they can be stirred halfway!” “Why until today to hands” “because in the past not sure!” TANTAI Qin heard no longer speak. Today.; He was a solitary person. Waste not as an arm and skill heyday. Really is rare to chance. His eyes scanned the Shining black people. Right hand and slowly pull out three feet Qingfeng. Upon seeing the man in black. Pointepoint land. A jump instantly to fly to TANTAI Qin body

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Heart, heart Youyi basic goodness, hope my sister to watch his own heart heart must never mistake in the eyes can see. quiet laugh figured out a long time, kindhearted, to people across a bladder, difficult to see real . another epistle to make her quite surprised, turned out to be starry country handwritten,; the letter said, wanted to see and talk with her, but could not spare, and had letters instead. There obscure metaphors between rhetoric and more about numerology, about astrology, read once, specious, understand powerless to understand,; read, only confused. But there are a word, she remembers clearly see also scared:.! “Robbed of life and death, ages circumvent recluse, or Misfortune Incredible Rumour, in others is fortunate,; in that you are careful of discarded robbery ! ” her smile, destiny wrong, her doom early in the TANTAI stabbed Mo Ni Qin, already doomed, drifting suffering for so many years, is to cut her to the heart of the cage, he gave her to escape the disaster today. Three testelect her husband,; she bloom masochistic revenge, becomes now really in right, she will not give up. she looks a Su, turned to wait for the next Miao said: “Time is running out, Liu told the steward, if there are people coming back, all Dangxia.” Miaomiao kicked away,; laughing secluded stood up, swept sleeved pink and purple window frames, she pushed out the door, one step foot on the wooden terrace . Chinese clothing makeup, jade bone waist, Xue Fu bright eyes, no veil to cover, there is no barrier wall,; she did appear . genuineness. Smile surplus lips, stared downstairs looking at the crowd, this step, she take it, they will not be back, is the edge of a robbery, all with day .;  H  n  B uUtxt.coM book full of mosquitoes Zibanyuedu Volume II Chapter VII of the dust cover sun Bliss Words: 3040 quiet laugh looking around the crowd, the heart even some slight tension, these people where there will be a person becomes her husband, with some even to this day is still not realistic scene has finally arrived, not to be open, she saw him Italy . clouds early. his appearance,; his temperament, to be ignored is so hard, she was almost in the crowd at first found him. Enchanting purple, extravagance pressing, stinging her eyes. Everything is chaotic mess . . he called her “Chu Ming smoke” still ringing in the ears temptation,; she unconsciously took a step back. Why, he is unwilling to let go of her! cloud meaning early greet her eyes, lips and gradually rise. Some people have noticed the silent exchange between the two, meaning the beginning of the wind cloud white feast had been rumors in public displays of affection, they had heard, everyone secretly guess while watching two rooms every look,; every movement . leaves and clouds from Italy early close, quiet laugh to see only beginning to focus on the eyes cloud meaning, whether it is why, he is still difficult to trace their own land filled with disappointment. She first saw him they would not be . quiet laugh early and cloud meaning depending on when the first moment the idea is to emerge: catch him out! But she quickly suppressed the idea. She said nothing,; turned around and exit the terrace, leaving the following people a back, causing a surprised sound. “is Liu steward came to see me immediately!” quiet laugh after commanded subordinates, just pushed the door into the rest room. little while later, Liu Miao went to the steward and he asked not wait for quiet laugh, something will happen at the door and told,; eleven, including cloud meaning the beginning of the case, as well as his personal thoughts all come clean. quiet laugh at first silent, then shook hands into a fist consciousness, and finally she slightly Bonu spit words: “rogue!” But soon she put away the anger, meditating. According to the character of the early cloud meaning and identity,; he can put this to ruin his exclusion to get married, she believed that he would not be the kind of people can never expect to get their own people. This is many years ago, she deeply understood. But he did not do a layout for washing jiange shot, he was in the know told her he did not want her enemies. His only means of obtaining a qualification into a fight, which for him, perhaps already the limit can be tolerated,; while his unconventional style, but also in her declaration, so he was very much mind to get her way, can for her, he would endure, according to her rules. quiet smile sneer, she had some see through it. He in the end is to break Cang volumes,; or really for her She determined that he had begun to doubt her identity, if the investigation, he could have abducted her, why the big fuss came fog Tea Garden. Of course, she tried to grab is not an easy task. Or, he thought, she became his wife,; and it will all have Bong at his feet This idea is too naive, even though he won a competition, so what His identity can accept an arena born Princess it Although the country has established a feather prince, he is hiding from ambition, others do not see, she can not understand how, one day, he won the throne, she did not doubt that he has the capability,; to when he will save her home What kind of position in King side, just look at his mother’s fate Xiao Shen Xue has clear. quiet laugh, shaking his head, she thought too far! All this, he won a competition to be in, based on his appearance, let her nervous,; because she never questioned his strong, yes, he is a strong, that he meets the other half of her heart condition, However, he must lose. Her lips evoke a touch cruel smile, meaning clouds have appeared since the beginning of this to get married must be disturbed, since all the chaos,; and then mess what is the relationship Thousands of people waiting outside, perhaps Canglongwohu instead. think of this. She waved Miaomiao close. She Fuer Miaomiao accountable for something. Miaomiao eyes widened in surprise. Immediately objected: “This is how the line that incomplete mess!!” “how not!; Anyway, the first trial itself with weapons to win, I’d like to see. has committed the outrage how he wants to be left widowed and more!” Miaomiao bite Yaochun. Quiet smile looked bright eye abnormalities. Know refute no avail. Compromise had silently nodded. Boarded terrace with quiet laugh together.; Wu Miao looked pressure pressure to one thousand. Eyes revealed a hint of complexity. Even long to be good to have forgotten his opening remarks. Just want to say to just laugh quiet words to her. She asked with his eyes turned again quiet laugh. Can not come as originally planned. End in laughter and quiet outrightly deny urging. Proudly stepped forward broke and said:. “First test contest.;” that most people already prepared. Just look at this martial arts to be a test of how the rule. We all wait Miaomiao continue. Miaomiao swallowed hard a saliva. I just felt lips dry. She set the centering continued: “Test of the rule the group fighting the available weapons, poison, hidden weapon in short order how to approach the final victory is not limited fell ten will survive into the next round of a competition, but there are point.; hurt by life. cancel a test of qualification spot. even win. also abstained dollars. “Now that you have to say. Miao also did not initially embarrassed. Moment what will be in chaos. She did not dare to think. After a slight pause.; Overstating her voice to the crowd: “Start!” with throwing the word, the audience in an uproar! No one thought that such a rule would be simple, but not fair at all, but the winning places, with only ten. Switched to another thought, if not beat the pack in the martial arts,; how worthy people Gezhu identity Seeing the smile stand quiet on the terrace without any meaning to change, people prepare for the posture, you look at me, I look at you . Meanwhile, wash jiange guards quickly crowd ring fenced, so if anyone under the supervision killer. cloud meaning rule has been heard since the beginning of staring quiet laugh, he was convinced that the original rule certainly not the case,; she is lost to him at the door, he has committed the outrage, become the target is inevitable, she was also added one, wounding life that is considered an abstention, others may think, she really did not want people lost their lives in a competition, but he was not sure how she would be the intention, she was to him in the siege,; while difficult to fully go to, if not help, killing one person, then the loss of eligibility, can do best, and how he can stand all the Interahamwe! She forced him, forcing him to lose! situation really intended as the beginning of cloud expected,; after all some tradeoffs, and gradually form a pocket around him, who stood in the innermost guard watched him, at any time may swarmed. But the quiet beginning to laugh and do not expect the cloud meaning that not only is the beginning of the cloud meaning, leaves from the side also formed encircling, but more than the size of the cloud is intended to be smaller early. And the majority of people could not stop snigger such rules, so that the original of the most outstanding,; it is possible to win two, became the least chance of winning the cannon fodder. leaves from only smile, people, is really very sinister creatures, he has maintained a low profile, but it turned out that their superior is wrong! Sudden reversal of the situation, he did not expect.; cloud finally agreed to withdraw from the beginning who laughs quiet eyes, she appears again never had to look at him, even though she felt his eyes, should she look back, you can see his eyes did not hide love, it is no way to put a affair, but she did not. Italian cold cloud early one pair stood eye glanced innermost two dozen people, with the momentum of judgment,; these people are not incompetent, but also, dare to enter the fog tea garden, how could the believers are presumptuous. Fortunately, not far . He looked no better than the situation where he leaves to go away, revealing a smile. hardfought game,; is the inevitable conclusion! back, might be able to get out. But Italy, and leaves from the beginning of the cloud, no one will make such a choice, though, the two purposes vary . quiet laugh watching the situation suddenly changes,; eye crosses the leaves off, with a hint of regret and concern. Leaves from the notice, looking back, she confused the clear sky smile, he did not blame her, want, we must first learn to pay, it was his father who was brought up in the Institute.; He received a laugh, look immediately becomes dignified, slowly draw the sword, coldness reflect the pupil into the crowd, along with several more feeding, recent moves a few people have bright, red will go up. Meanwhile, early cloud meaning here also kicked off,; the difference is that he has not flashed Weaponry, only Paoxiu palm burst open with a pair of meat roaring attack. quiet frown laugh, seeing the early Italian side did not wear the cloud sword or a knife, who is also unlike anything hidden magic, she could have a moment of fear, fear that he will not die even because the rules also injured. She Pianguo Tou do not see him off mood share of potential complications, she refused to think about why,; everything boils down to in the goodness of human nature, but she could not bear it. Everything happening now, in the hearts of her escape responsibility, he ignored her refusal, insist forcing in, he did not miss her, so I do not blame her . so thought,; her heart seems are becoming hard . uU book Meng UUTXt. com Quanwenziban month slips Volume II Chapter VIII Bliss dark sub Jie Wei Bureau Words: 2713 cloud intended initially for a fixed mind, emptyhanded Qinxia one person, while the man grabbed a knife in the hands of Dian Ledian wide stature to the back, behind a few people skilled Dangqu attacks, Weaponry staggered, issued sharp shrill sound. He Mouguang a cold,; suddenly loose power, sideways rotation before, suddenly had ghostly around to a few people behind it, while they are unable to return to rescue leaning forward, he used a few people to handle the batter , caught by sudden fatigue on the ground, but soon there who make up a new one. because there is no fear for their lives, fallen batch batch added something of his strong deterrent completely lost,; but also aroused the people’s morale. Cloud Italy early slight frown, this fight, even if he will not hurt exhaustive, when only trampled. Kankan avoid 一枚 hidden weapon gap, he is overstating Shuzhang glanced around the center of the leaf from within another. Leaves from the case not how optimistic this time he was battling with a man dressed in crimson gown together, the man is not weak,; one by one and calm Henla next storm, leaves from the tightly contain live , take a look at the gap next few besiegers attack, a time leaves from the surrounding danger. early intended only glanced cloud, falling to the ground, immediately swords shake people feel dizzy, just listen to sound bites, early cloud is a meaning in the hands of a wide knife sword Pathetic life and who Xiaoduan good a sword!; He abandoned the cutting knife, proximity to those Pathetic away, allegedly attempted to grab his hand sword. However, those who can hold the sword, how they might be improved with generation. They give them such as electricity, Qingshan Ren relied sword several times to push back the beginning of the cloud meaning, coldness across,; meaning early cloud hung a first Jianhen cuffs. He stopped suddenly thrust action, Raise looked lips tick hint of sneer. where people tolerate him breathing, and few people clamoring to join the melee, endlessly, like flies as obnoxious. Early cloud cover wide sleeves intended under the palms, instant gathered from a chill,; he take a deep breath, secretly warned myself: forbearance! Can not use! But can not display in full view! His secret identity, only the first person to die of exposure. Between palm chill receded, he shuttling under Jianying, reveals a dashing between the pace,; but the expression has not so easily. People can not help but derision, to see how long he could chic! half an hour in the past, but the rout early cloud meaning a mere hundred people, although not injured, but has been described as showing a bit embarrassed. He swept in from the periphery of the heavy shadows sit and wait a few spectators, eye color and deep,; lying on the ground which is only a hundred victims of it, really strong, both in the periphery but also the strength of the group who both brains. It seems that he will not tolerate the cloth after the next round of the indwelling good trick! He told the crowd, a middleaged man nodded slightly, and that man will always pay attention to the meaning clouds move early, received a hint silent, pulled out a knife from her,; when the cold blade scabbard, dispersing the crowd cohorts have also shot, blink of an eye, dozens of people were beginning Buried cloud meaning Jones down to the ground. this moment, the situation is more chaotic battles in the center, round the periphery but also into a melee, quiet laugh aloft, see clearly,; she was convinced that early cloud certainly not intended innocently Deathmatch in the end, such a rule, successful force He spent the last piece left. take advantage of the commotion everywhere, meaning the beginning of the cloud while addressing a man took his iron hands, what weapons to fall into his hands seems so conveniently, he saw action faster and there is no one type of waste strokes, such as water dragon. this trip,; he carefully selected a twentyfour just in case, all of them have great talent, if not clean out everyone, at least, will greatly reduce the pressure on him. twentyfour Jones very clever, they face no label, clothing is also disorganized, after the first attack succeeded,; and immediately go to the next person to attack, while playing also shouting: “!! shameless villain behind the hands” is refers to the loss of those people became targets are to be resolved, it was still somehow fall, a time attracted feel insecure. This is the atmosphere of unity against the common enemy is not the slightest damage to left, only ten places, the enemy can not distinguish Moreover,; early Ruoyun Italy, and leaves from the defeat, or ultimately a fight between them! Thinking and so far, no one gave up their mind to pick up the nearest person to wrangle. It coincides with the beginning of the thought cloud meaning, but leaves off and therefore have to breathe a sigh of relief. battle cry, Weaponry staggered sound,; who is helping take the wounded lying on the ground, crying sound. And Handou heavy panting sound in each piece. Be evenly matched opponents who encounter. Are difficult to take into account shall not take people’s lives and then rules. Several people have been killed in the field. The dead were carried down. Exit at a loss in the living. situation out of control so that the hearts quiet laugh like a boulder blocked.; Seven people had died early cloud . meaning it. Instinct has solved all opponents to mingle in the crowd. This is not her intention to! Or just want to promising young alive. Hell has become an instant innocent people. She can no longer stand it anymore! Outraged and said: “Stop Gentlemen have to win!!;” this sound really effective. In addition to a few people already Shoubu Zhu moves outside. Other people have stopped his hand. Miaomiao slightly counted the number of people. At this point the field is still survive those. Only seventy four. leaves slowly from side line to the beginning of the cloud meaning. Whispered: “Thank you Yunxiong help.” Tone in his mouth a bit mocked.; cloud meaning early cold look at him. Expression in Nuse not see a trace. He lightly replied: “! Say” glanced off the remaining leaves to humanity: “Yunxiong to help but do not know a few must have been left not much useless” He looked up a quiet laugh. Looking back at the beginning soon cloud meaning. “That position must see clearly.” two eyes met, looked at each other in panic

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, But hear laughter quiet a warm heart. She shook her head, Perfectionist.; “Today, it would, if not ritual, these snacks are bound to eat river fish.” She turned to the small two shouted:. “Checkout, packaged” small two scurried to trot over and check out that he is understood that this package . quiet laugh rude awakening, some original and some speech habits,; even if the time for longer, it will not be forgotten, these small things, it may be traces of life. She Wen Yan explained:. “These, we want to take away.” two busy little lost smiles: “The two little ride.” instant swiftly ran downstairs,; a twentysomething woman soon be holding a stack of dry leaves, the same kind of expertly wrapped snacks, truss. May be because too many laughs and leaves from the apparently quiet carry high, can not find something to install. Leaves from thinking for a moment, put the robe pocket from the schematic and said:. “Are put in this.” woman leaves from the white robes looked good clothing,; among hesitated, she rushed away leaves a laugh:. “It does not matter, put it.” the laugh laughing at nothing to quiet it seems that the woman was a Qiaolian flushers, stay for a moment before putting into leaf wrapped snack stack from gowns pendulum, then forgot to close even silver bow run away, from beginning to end dared not look away from a leaf. leaves from accustomed to seeing strange shook his head,; leaving the silver on the table, along with quiet laughter stepped out the door to a hundred different ranks, so far, did not see him laughing woman Akira God only two people, one of which is the body beside quiet laugh. But he clearly remember the wind white home, meaning she had stuck early cloud ice melt elimination smile without realizing it . this time he has much chance of winning, it is difficult to predict.; Fortunately, early cloud meaning between her and, as he had no known disputes, though he can not inquire, but he understood, smiled with that excellent secluded refused to pick not go wrong darlings. because the leaves from the pocket with snacks like some really indecent, they picked a secluded waterside street Feiyanzoubi straight to the Vatican, not the moment it arrived at the destination effort.; On flood, they stood still body, looking one, can not help but laugh with visual, like two mischievous children succeed. Leaves from the first handson, open the package, the snack piece dropped into the water far. Refreshments will break it into small pieces quiet laugh,; and then streaming into the water. Leaves from a shot head and said: “I almost forgot, toothless piece of fish even offering water god it.!” Word letting two music for a long time, laughing matter quiet throws hands, smiled and said: “Look, over you away. ” leaves off seems unconvinced,; wheel round his arm, threw a handful of pieces, which exude a placement obvious than laugh, he rushed her to pick some pride eyebrow. Quiet laughter was excited, represent luck, not much weight snack swift flying, was almost straight across the river, leaves from suffering his face and said: “!; So you are little shameless.” disregard quiet laugh, play more vigorously, long while before side head and said: “! not allowed to use the provisions of martial arts, how to count Lai” a pastry bag in a test of the two competing with intermittent bickering exhaustively dissolved in the water. Trouble for so long, quiet heart can not tell carefree laughter, his hand on the river clean,; not too dirty on the floodplain sediment will dress, sat on the floor, tuck afar. Leaves from the see her this way, but also the informal, sit down next to her, the distance between the two are separated by only punch, very close, but also very far.; No one spoke, cold wind whistling in the ears either. long time, laughing quiet croon the song, melodious and cheerful tone is never heard from leaves. He Ce Toukan her, this halfday’s close, he knew that she was grateful to the last night of about him. But in fact,; say thank that person, he . he turned back, afar the other side. Since Mo Ni death, this is the first time that he is willing to go near, understanding, concern a woman. Originally,; he was holding the line on the Silk City indifferent attitude, he came, but because his father uncharacteristically stern command. He knows what his father is washing jiange boost to everyone concerned with how great the temptation of his understanding, except temptation, perhaps afraid he has not married off cigarettes it. In short, after the revolt is invalid, he chose to understanding and compromise.; So he came. But at this moment, he even glad father tough attitude, quiet laughter is undoubtedly wonderful, but also Ge ​​Wu Shan 庄少夫 people, the best candidate for the future of her mistress. If we say, he was not simply close to her purpose, but today,; he was willing to accompany her downtown to see her smile. Everything is so natural . along with her although he is still mixed with a lot of external factors on which he is willing to believe that if she chose him, they would have been accompanied by catching a long, long walk, two equally covered scars people will understand and support each other, learn from each other warm, living in oblivion. quiet laugh does not know what he wants,; while she was waiting for the sunset, contemplating how the vows. Wishing, put the lights, romantic and beautiful thing, if not true then why not Suddenly she thought of one thing, lotus lamp not buy! “leaves off, where lotus lamps to sell.;” leaves from being asked a moment, just thoughts have been driven out clean. May not nowadays eve, where there will be sold. He would not let her down. After briefly thought, he looked set her: “! I made you a light.” That being said,; where he worked lights Both the paper, bamboo and other objects Mi bought a complete rush leaves stick out from the first guinea pigs, while laughing quiet angry and funny, forced to join the system in the light of the war. When night early on, they look awkward, N failures experienced, seen through the eyes of a fairly light lotus lamp, finally make up a.; Just do not know, do not drift drift get up . Vatican waterside, quiet smile and asked: “only a wish” leaves off, shaking his head, “who lays only one, you are willing to promise a few on a few promises.” Things like this point was that God is Ge Wu Hill coolies general. her laugh,; and asked: “What the Water God will not think I’m greedy .” He was silent for a moment, inspiring a chuckle: “No, I took the opportunity to make a wish for the future together every year to send you tonight!” she Weizheng, is this is a man on a woman’s ambiguous words of love If you count, why she did not feel blush, but if not, why,; his voice sounding . would like laugh leaves turn from quiet to hold a pen, “borrow back a use.” leaves from smiles: “happy matter.” His legs slightly bent, adjusted to the appropriate height, with his back to her. quiet smile on the moon, wrote four words on Zhijian,; very simple and very complex words. she will not wait for the ink dry piece of paper folded leaf from did not see what she wrote. She lit the wick Candle, lotus lamp carrying a note, from quiet laugh fingers sailing away. Inflow of water shimmer, with undulating bumps drift away, not even sink until it disappeared in the sight of the two. Vatican water,; carrying away the desire to laugh quiet, watched one high and one low two figure to leave, and unto all the heavy silence. This time from laughing secluded electionlaw, as well as three days. silence did not last long, complex and turn back a touch of white figure, flew all the way down along the river bank. leaves from the stalks excellent occasional toe points to leveraging the soft sand on the riverbank in a stampede after he did not leave the slightest trace.; He anxiously to find anything like, half an hour in the past, he looked at the water, revealing a touch relieved smile, one has been the wind blew out of the lotus lamp crumbling, he tread water line, a low body copy, lotus lights the cold water droplets leap his palms. he brings up Zhijian lights inside,; expand, has blurred the words caught his eyes Yuansui my heart. What a Yuansui my heart . then she is greedy, or even what their aspirations are not sure . no way of knowing him, he only understand a little, wondering what she promised only one way willing, read her heart.; he will Zhijian folded into Xiunei can not help but laugh after, do a stupid thing for himself a rare smile, but also see through the wizard for that woman smile . Uu   Moe UUtxT. coM Quan Xiang Lian Wen words Volume II Chapter VI square Cong recognize Bliss take double butterfly habitat Words: 3519 first day of November, the Vatican waterside, the huge fog Tea Garden is the package down, BMW Dream Car Park entrance straight from the fog Ming Fu Zhou Road, lined up down the street.; Needless to say, all because of the wash so grand jiange Gezhu Chu quiet laugh. front garden, mystery Liu steward are busy building registered with the name bearer’s family, will be elected by all followers and onlookers in the door. What rule is not limited to laugh quiet, she is only one rule, declined the royal family, therefore,; should choose who can be described as everyday, but fortunately most people were forced to wash jiange head pressure, are more selfaware, if not family of children, that is, on the rivers and lakes Littleknown head who just underworld White Road and taste, there are also many courtiers joined in the fun of Han. Leaves parked away from the frame, he does not rush down,; provoking curtain, looked at people scrambling around, pondering smile, that moment, like maneuvering a carriage drove away, and regardless of the car What kind of person to sit, one on four horses pulling carts had some bright spots, four horses just like twins, tall,; short, too fat, generally uniform, color black, whole body, such as satin, red nose like carbon, hooves supple , riding in the wind,; together with gold belt strapped, the end was a Horse incomparable. saw motorists turn a blind eye on the noisy side, meaning the carriage without deceleration, straight up, shocked the crowd waiting for admission under loosed, let out a space. Seeing the horse would not move an inch to hit consistently, but the cold watching motorists Liu steward,; or next to the onlookers exclaimed, holding a hidden weapon or shot dark horse ready, motorists are sharp whistle down soon quiet, four horses children as being the point at once like standing in place, strangely, did not suddenly stop the momentum of the car thrown to the crowd spontaneously breath contemplation, the door half open, a purple robe young son drifted silver crown landing, shenfa fast,; people see exactly how he stood outside the car. Come what is the story behind Son looks purple when everyone noticed, the crowd burst leads muffled commotion. leaves from the eyes slightly narrowed, his most feared happened . meaning cloud really will not let go early. He a vertical landing, still fluttering white, seems not the slightest human Suchen dye.; He Baoquan the son of a purple ceremony said: “Yunxiong, we meet again.” one purple and one white two figure gradually close, a smile as warm spring March, a freezing cold snowy sky as the twelfth lunar month. Everyone felt, two lowpressure world was breathless. Many people had also confident, managed to hold the mentality of a stroke,; but when the two met, the mood has suddenly dropped to the freezing point, there is such a figure in, they will be hopeless. cloud intended from the beginning of cold as the leaves, faint smile, his eyes so that leaves from the waves of discomfort. Meaning shallow clouds early nod, regarded salute,; then turned around to see Liu silent steward, steward looked Liu Yun meaning early moment and said:. “The first son in the register, I question the son surnamed” “cloud meaning the beginning.” leaves early from Italy to stand behind the cloud, throws light sentence:. “Rui Wang as royal Highness seems violate the rules.” Liu steward put pen to hand a little meal and said:. “.; originally Yu Kwok Shui Wang Highness, indulgences, Gezhu royal Rui Wang declined this trial, please return” meaning early cloud gazing Liu steward, “Who says I come to royal status, we say the Lord’s also not allowed into the school” Liu steward occupational die hard. Immediately inquire into: “Oh I do not know what Rui Wang Highness took over the door which faction” “detached proindependence! located in the Castle Square feather on twelve countries. mysterious frown road.;” Liu steward lips tremble. Detached proindependence Heard. Italy beginning to see clouds look cool. Unlike in the slightest joking. His dilemma. Insisted:. “Even so the royal family still hard to change your identity.” Early cloud meaning colder eye color. His robe swing refreshing.; Turned to face the crowd and said: “That no one even think to go today.” sentence cited public outrage. An impetuous fit to have rushed to embrace. Mouth groaned: “To what do you dare stop Xiao Ye Wang authentic children.!” the mouth prestige. Shoudexia without much real effort. Just not close enough to cloud his intention junior meters. I do not know where to fly a hidden weapon.; Straight through his chest. He watched in disbelief refers to the size of the chest at a hole in the blood. In the next second order has been inverted. Vomiting killed. crowd saw that people breathe, look around nervously, meaning not just the early cloud shot, then there is only one possible, as early as it was an ambush in the dark here.; Although they air, but did not dare hastily approached. early block in front of the intended cloud, motionless, great posture on the death of the former. steward see Liu has an instant kills, while headache, had to rethink coping. Regardless of the background and early cloud meaning martial arts,; one in today’s day and it is not blood. Three royal family has been to acquiesce in the attitude of tolerance and the use of washing jiange exists now and the beginning of the cloud is intended confrontation is not the best, and no Jiangchuang early cloud meaning, the meaning is clear that he is unwilling to wash jiange difficult, only want candidates only. To allow him to go, Gezhu certainly blame. Refused, the Swiss king apparently will not let go,; he did not enter, and no one shall enter, get married yet how to proceed. Look at the beginning of a cloud meaning leisurely, strategizing tolerance, must be prepared, if one’s own, took the lead today in this wedding, and shortly becomes possible calamity.; Liu Yun intended to turn head to toe early steward looked again, people are looking at, graceful standing there, do not mind. His eyes could not conceal his admiration, and only such a talent, was worthy of their Gezhu, perhaps, is not intended to please the beginning of unsolicited cloud Gezhu fate is also unknown.; Under Liu steward heart fretting, underground passage sentence: it should be entitled, in short, let the smooth conduct of the first to get married. Liu steward looked again at the moment has once again gather up the crowd, a bite, fly pen and book: early cloud meaning, detached proindependence main fact. “cloud arena is the identity that comes son,; please.” cloud meaning early punch he nodded and said: “Thank you.” sideways to close the intention to kill, turned around to see the leaves from. Leaves from the floor of the steward did not expect the mystery so easily put a row, perhaps afraid to get married is disturbed it, although the heart unwilling, but wash jiange people did not say anything, he did not stop position.; Fight will fight, who would not be afraid of who He approached a modest ceremony: “The next Ge Wu Hill leaves from.” early cloud had intended to permit, but not first, seemed to be waiting for leaves from listening to leaves from the newspaper name, cool and said:. “Ye Ying Huo good courage, even the sons are sold.” Ye heard him address him by his father from the taboo,; frowned, looked at Liu steward, when he first hands is clearly unwise, although he wanted to . he pressed anger, “Yunxiong please behave. ” Seeing another, Liu dispensers quickly said:. “Yeshao into the lord” leaf from Italy early in the eye with clouds moment,; passing, big step fog Tea Garden. cloud meaning leaves early leave from the back of the eyes, mouth, chillthird, seventh speculation. Leaves from, is not simple. He secretly arranged so much,; he has the strength to compete with people who are dragged in a halfway, you can still lose a leaf off in the end. He did not think he would do such a degree to a woman, but he does not regret. Sinister No, it just means. There are battles where it ultimately means. As for how to choose a quiet laugh, he did not know,; but he knew that he must be the last person walked in front of her, they will be the only one. Watchful eyes, he wanted to see how she go back! Slipping through a leaf from what He spent so much effort, how to lose. Early cloud Mouguang deep meaning, proudly trailing away. cloud meaning far has been waiting to see the beginning of the crowd,; he will be looked at in the past to those who, in the eyes of several people face micro wind did stay, and finally look to a middleaged man, he hook the hook lips , into which the leaves from Enron seated on a stone bench beside him. A little bit of time goes by, more and more people waiting, though the maid aside fog Tea Garden thoughtful and courteous wait on, on a good tea Qinxiang surrounded,; but he was damn hate this waiting, more hate and So many people wait together! He secretly said to myself: only this time! Just once! side, laughing secluded did not know what kind of pomp outside, stroking her letters received two letters last night, looking out the window a Jinsong daze. Letters,; one from bamboo heart. No lengthy caution, some just simple words: “the world in countless men, then everyone loves different, my sister can not choose your behalf, had a word of advice be entrusted to life who is not strong, not in appearance, not in only, not in the family,; in

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Leaves from nodded and said: “Ye brother unscarred.” yesterday morning, faced with persistent lowgrade fever, cough and increasingly violent, culminating in a major hospital husband stress go see the doctor. Registered queuing from 9:00, until 11:40 only to see the socalled experts, the long wait,; thousands of almost violent, especially remembered yelling: “! I was swine flu” guess that would not be someone to rate Look at me dying. Husband to stop a thousand, say someone in their company appendicitis, but also in the hospital, almost piercing pain, and after four hours in the emergency outdoor nobody ignores it, but people authority ah!; An authority, we also spade . a one thousand forbearance, finally, called a thousand names, experts hastily listened and looked, not two minutes, waved his hand, and then took a chest Xray laboratory blood under it.; Toss to three in the afternoon, thousands were gone half his life back home, hoarsely asked countless times silent days, if I was swine flu, then dry sitting in the hospital waiting for so many hours, I was infected The number is probably less than two hundred people, which would cause the flow 200 people infected area how big Why not have a temperature monitoring, there will be the first to send the crowd fever clinic Silent .  nU    B uuTxt.;coM favorite whole grain words fall Bliss Chapter II from Ho refused Words: 3080 night Vatican water, silent. The cold months with a few scattered starlight reflected in the river, into the bow of refraction of the eye in three. quiet laughter can not remember exactly who concludes that the extreme poor idea of ​​boating, from the temperature of the garden Snappers ended in June, the winter wind mixed with water vapor penetration clothes. Leaves from the beginning of the meaning of free cloud Syria, she did not mind listening,; meaning early cloud suddenly appeared, scrambling up the night on her confused emotions. The original embankment flashed on the navy blue that day is not an illusion, he no doubt. He in the end is coming . her eyes swept Italy at the beginning of the cloud silhouette, night, she not see his face, but could feel the freezing chill on Jun Yan He,; like this weather. She has a bit uncomfortable, he was rescued from her in the sewer, the Lengran meaning can be frozen early cloud all around, but not only that she is so, except . eyes met several times tonight . She can not see him ever showing off her smile alone, inexplicably lost,; she never ponder why. Leaves from ever do, she could not be repressed for a night, then pour openly, he should not come, did not come to any sense, finding out she would not choose him . leaves from silent laughter looked quiet, warm smile,; and be able to drive away the cold with magic asked: ” cold yet.” word, revealing the carving without any concern about today’s virtually closer to the intersection between the two, asked a leaf from nature, quiet laugh, shaking his head, “No, that is some lack.” leaves off could see the beginning of the emotional meaning of cloud also some wrong,; then yielded and said:. “Yunxiong, as we gather once again another day, laughing quiet first to send back.” cloud quiet word meaning beginning to hear laughter, Mouguang a cold, the leaves away, obviously witnessed the wind white home on three test his quiet smile of affection for Chu, fraternizing same time,; but doing away people love to do, Today, he began to address him her name taboo. He exposed the three met since the first smile, just to see how this all somewhat chilling laugh. “I do not trip staying at the homes of friends, and the mystery floor on the same street, just on the way.” leaves from the back of his smile,; looked quiet laugh, and so it seems she decided. quiet laughter swept duo undercurrents between them, how could she not understand. If it is not necessary to be a good beginning to talk about cloud meaning, she will choose leaves from, at least, and leaves from together, she would not have wanted to escape the impulse.; She gazed leaves off, “since Ruiwang Shun Road, leaves off you go back, I heard that the city of a hundred ranking silk pastries originality, join us tomorrow afternoon to try.” She also address him by name from the leaves , never intended to see the beginning of a cloud, and deliberately ignored invitations do not have meaning, meaning beginning to cloud his chest just felt like Duzhao a boulder,; her . he wants to escape, this time also pull up the leaves from the runup to do . He does not believe she would be tempted away leaves, she is the use of leaves from the stimulus him only. leaves bright flash from the eyes, she smiled Answer: “Good.” gentle and firm. deserted streets,; and occasionally one or two drunk, ridiculous humming tunes, both the positive and the line slowly pass by. meaning early cloud looked straight ahead. But the pace coauthored quiet laugh to. Unhurried. Quiet stroll as if in their own gardens. smiled slightly Ce Toukan him quiet. Good statement already think the whole mess.; She did not say. In the garden only. Her epiphany many things. Including her own way to the future of the state of mind with how to arrange. But these have nothing to do with the cloud meaning early. Because they are in the past. And the two of them in the groundbreaking crossCang volumes. Is a way to cross the gully. Barely consequences across the land only one along with falling .; She stopped. After the beginning of the twostep out of the cloud is also intended to stop. Staring back at her. “Why come” he Mouguang clear. This is one to answer. Two well aware. She asked a redundant. she was frustrated sigh. “You and I can not,; I do not marry royalty!” “Why” “Why not, do not like!” She met his eyes, and perhaps even she did not find when she lied, she tends to look into each other’s eyes with a stubborn, it seems like you can get rid of all the guilty . He’s why she could not answer, does she have to tell him,; because he was royalty, so she was given in the rules in such a It was not obvious to him that he’s in there how special she is “You received a magnolia hairpin.” He does not want the royal family issues entangled with her, apart from the identity, he was just him. “Is that your forced! Have you ever asked one, I like it or not rejected repeatedly in and why” “It is for you, at least I think so.; Secondly, people do not deserve.” “with” and “fit”, she laugh, like him self with her. Miao said that they both had the same breathtaking eyes, in fact, they are far more than just that different. She fell in love with TANTAI Qin,; just keep paying, never asked TANTAI Qin one, or need her love. Early cloud meaning of it, the obsession with her accidentally, may never considered that his situation in that she would not become a burden. partial opening her eyes and asked: ” really do not go back.” He raised an eyebrow, “I can not find reason to give up,; even very happy to ruin your husband called three test election, now put you away.” speak while showing off his hidden edge, ink hair dancing in the wind, giving vent to his assertive and domineering. She was bewitched like stuck his eyes, clinging to the ego personality and selfconfidence, a congregation enough to curse the demon Yan, prominent identity things to do at his feet aloof,; should not in such a spacetime encounter, perhaps . throw off this moment she’s distracted, she can not be attracted to him, because it attracts enough to be fatal. opening her coldly, “meaning the beginning of the cloud, you have not asked yourself, in the end like me was my face,; or my identity Or .” She pauses, mixed with a hint of contempt among eyebrow, “just because they are not against a superior selfesteem you. ” cloud meaning given early to lock her eyes fixed, she thought, to his identity must be able to easily get what you want what’s right . from small to large, what he wants is really not much.; Childhood, he wanted was platonic love of the common people, but the age of seven, he realized, was born in heaven, such love extravagant. When a teenager, he wants is that beneath the Throne Fu Huang, or even more,; he wants the whole world. But has not identified the source of a stab in the back, so that he lost his supreme aspirations bit chips. Now, he wants her life was genuinely want to marry her companions, she is not escape, he is again Tuiju thousands of miles away. Her verbal provocation, he is not angry,; I just feel lonely, and feel the pain first. thought he would laugh quiet anger, will question would retort, he just did not expect to use such an expression silently watching her. She suddenly remembered, TANTAI Qin said the situation was not good enough to wash her little jiange main identity, her reaction seems now he is exactly the same. Across the trace of the heart can not bear,; then today’s difficult for her to continue the dialogue, but difficult Emotion, originally a torment . “November started, I do not want to see you.” she Shuaixia this sentence, almost in escape left, left alone cloud meaning people who started, standing long empty street,; the moon will clip his shadow on the ground , dissolve dead tree branches uneven. he watched her gradually back away, shrouded in fog between heart Chuxian Shi gradually dispersed. He would not believe it, but save a little bit of clues piled up, and only this reason, the internal forces to promote the sound, the words escaped his lips,; the wind catch the hem gorgeous secluded laugh, he called her : “Chu Ming smoke!” this almost forgotten name falls quiet smile ear, so called because for years no one had, so she did not make a kneejerk reaction, but as she would like to see these three words, “boom” sound, head clap of thunder everywhere, she glad that they did not look back,; she was determined intuition, he only tentative, unsuccessful exploratory. her in the end still underestimated his effort . selfdeprecating smile, what she finds that he is coming for her Silly, funny . good king Swiss people have not seen what kind of beauty, her unrequited love for refusing his troubles,; could not bear. It turned out he is no different, as the others wash jiange name first, he does, as with the hearts of speculation, is the Chu family, Cangbreaking volume, is powerful, is the world,; is ambitious, but not only that she . parents who do not forget to vote in the recommended reading point drop button new friends, please click on “Join bookshelf”, this article collections, collections index will directly affect the post entry scores Thank you for your support! Uu    B uUtXT.cOm words Xiang Quan Wen code Bliss Chapter II unintentional intentional Words: 4915 this night, laughing quiet awake,; because the rows Park ended early cloud meaning or because she did not know, the mind is filled with the clutter of thoughts, when carefully to management, they will break into thousands of silk, entwined , disarray, and no reason. Window paper whitish hours, she finally stumbled sleep in the past,; but very light sleep, so Miaomiao lingered in her front room, she immediately woke up. She threw a dressing gown, “Come in, what time is it” Miaomiao carrying grooming utensils into the room, looked quiet laugh some swelling of the eyelids, and whispered:. “just did not want to quarrel not pay you,; but Ge Wu Hill holds many lessons, such as leaves from the main front Yeshao House, said that with Gezhu about. ” laugh secluded took Miaomiao fed wet veil, eyes slightly lowered, she had already agreed to yesterday’s forgotten to go back. Go Go Of course, go! If the cloud is intended to track the beginning again like yesterday,; like them, the better! She was silent for a moment and said:. “Do not have to prepare lunch, I go out to eat about a leaf.” Miaomiao heard, to say something, but in the end did not say anything, quick serve laugh secluded wash clothes.; Quiet laugh pick a set of lightweight goose yellow dress, sitting in front dressed dressing table, fingers just touching the pencil, and returned, carrying eye look in the mirror themselves. She remembered the look deep into her costume, said:. “Look, polished off.;” silent for a moment, she Miaomiao said:. “comb simple hair style, makeup, just like a faint” Miaomiao heard shocked, could not help but laugh quiet chuckle:. “‘re staring, hurry up, the outside who is also waiting for it.;” Miao Shu breath, grin, showing his white teeth, so easy smile from the heart, have not had appeared in her face, the result of a quiet laugh, but also because of ChenMo. She promised soon, busy,; every move reveals cheerful. She did not know last night laughing secluded garden with leaves from the line ending what happened, but she thanked the leaves from, because every smile is gorgeous secluded spot on makeup, she will hurt, even how to dress both the United States and quiet laughter was not party things, but she always felt, Gaudy quiet smile is so unreal, can not say there is a trace of weird.; leaves from the first moment of quiet laugh to see, touch knowing smile could not stop Yang Kai, he bluntly said:. “beautiful” face of this word, even some quiet shy smile, the first to take the threshold, turned and said:. “Hurry up, Chan Chong have trouble opening a” mellowed voice mixed with a hint of playful,; leaves stay away from the seen, Since first saw her mature, witty, talented and experienced interaction with others, let him forget her age, but she was approaching the age of sixteen, a time when the Mood for Love, laughter should be exactly the age of the parents spoiled knee , but has been saddled with a huge wash from jiange,; just a moment that gesture too little daughter in her, I’m afraid it is difficult in a rare inter thrown a heart could not help but pity. Quiet smile back, blinking a pair of Smart’s seeing him, he smiled apologetically and quickly to keep up with her pace. hundred different ranks small, twostory store only accommodate three dozen tables of diners, it gives the impression that the only sophisticated and elegant, like dim sum here.; quiet laughter did not stop the leaves from the point of a table full of snacks, small saucer variety of colorful candy, various shapes and exquisite pasta placed in between the two, there is no a hundred, but also a full fifty or sixty samples. She look at this, look at that, each one was too much to bear down pretty chopsticks, a time she did not know what the first try as well.; pick up a leaf from Bise be sent within her plate. Half jokingly half seriously said:. “. Only a few dozen sample refreshments on the first day of November to pick dazzled thousands bit how talented you have to choose.” laugh quiet long eyelashes lift. Sadly: “own days as I choose.” also took a leaf from the same location hearts with her. A bit off. Product of the product and said: “Good try” Yi Yan quiet laugh.; Lotus to cool refreshing. Glutinous rice mixed with bitter taste after I do not know how to modulate sweet taste Chunchi Jian Yi to open. Forming a unique taste. Not light not heavy. Just right. She nodded. “Really nice place.” leaves differently from one another clip to her. ‘Fate in their own hands,; or better, after all . “He cocked forefinger. Pointing days. “It is unfair manner.” quiet laugh no words. Seems to be very serious eating mouth to the food. no longer leaves from the words, concentrate on picking a variety of tricks sent her plate,; gentle and considerate action, thereby bringing the two looked like a couple of teenagers living in marital consistency, surrounded by a crowd of envy. quickly, the two combat was exhausted, almost quiet laugh only tasted one has reached the limit of every kind, and she sighed with relief, feeling the food brings pure joy and satisfaction, slightly narrowed the eyes,; she looks like a cute yet elegant cat, “how to do the rest” leaves from looking at her appearance, gaze unknowingly infected with a layer spoiled. He thought a moment and said: “Since the day of your marriage depends, in silk city how can we not sacrifice the god of water.” “god of water” “Yes, in fact, is the water of the river god Brahma. silk city of people every year on May 15 will hold a grand ritual ceremony that day will put the lights in the night near the water,; would wish to write on the lamp posts. reportedly lotus lamp with water, the sight before leaving did not sink, and the wisher sincere, then it will certainly wish to reach. ” quiet smile bright eyes bright, then dim down, “but holds many lessons is November.” leaves from smiling,; “just in November, and so many people do not have to fight, gods only see one person you wish.” laugh secluded Wei Zheng, was secretly repeating his words. She looked up at him, she seemed to owe him a lot of it. Childhood, she owed him a help of grace,; lied to him when she owed him a sorry, garden ended, she owes him a thank you, addition to these, she still owes him a truth, then Mo Ni’s death, but this sentence to be honest, she was afraid to owe his life, and conceal,; for him and TANTAI Qin is a good thing. Ye can not read her gaze away from the flow of emotions, only said she does not regret for the season, his light and said:. “or May next year, I’ll show you another tour Silk City” is not much of a commitment

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Said: “! Rolls do not forget you because each fined more than words!” curly Du Qizui. She seemed satisfied with his mortgage short. However. Or conduct itself did not spit the word.; moment effort, laughing quiet ones have a general understanding of the two powers. Sphere with curly, apparently from the beginning martial arts training was put together, the two complement each other moves, understanding very much. Sphere good at attacking people footwall to see him shot, which is normally the usual swords, but today only showed a single blade.; Shader leave the attacker rolls above the waist weight , dodge excellent, often hidden weapon after release, frequent weird, not in the immediate withdrawal of people than she pulled a piece of clothing or jewelry. After analysis quiet laugh, suddenly overstating, soar, wanted to withdraw homeopathic,; do not struggle with them, two at a later date the origins and purpose of the investigation slowly, only to these two little guys who stick tight, curly silver needle blocking the road in front of her while balls at once caught up, Jian Shi Henla inconsistent with age, so that did not dare to laugh too quiet contempt. Since it is difficult to shake off, as will be counted on the meter, she consciously retreat,; the two men gradually toward the mystery floor direction, perhaps not to hurt them and escapement. ‘m sorry things, her wishful thinking is a gentle man sound gland disrupted. “Chu girl” Smart man watching the maneuvers of the figure, the tone a bit hesitant to ask. laugh dark thought, really busy today, this moment has come and is calling She Ce Toukan to take advantage of the gap,; turned away from him . leaves. In the silk city meet, does he come for her leaves from the rush, the wide sleeves pocket under curly fired several hidden weapon, he apparently has recognized that curly white shoot pigeons feast on wind girl can not help but frown slightly, and gave a questioning look quiet laugh. Sphere glance leaves off, wait for the laugh secluded response,; Chen Sheng said:. “There helper” rolls immediately uniten nodded, said: “I did not cheap.” Then she looked behind quiet laugh look happy, crispy and said: “Master!” quiet laugh the two of them would certainly be instructed to come by, I heard the sound of master rolls, thinking that they are really someone to collusion, there is no doubt he was back where half of the figure.; She suddenly remembered curly “There are a dove,” the trick to get away, shaking his head with a wry smile. leaves from seeing the duo fled in different directions, his face anxious color seriously asked: ” chase you.” quiet laugh startled by startled, pull the pull lips and said: “Well, joke of it.” leaves from the nod,; withdrew eyes, go to quiet him laugh. He looked at her image at the moment, and finally collapse live, ask the amount of laughter. stunned quiet laugh, look down their own, in addition to loss of a little cloak, no exceptions,; he laughed at what leaf or two from the Qing Ke, which pointed to the shiny candied fruit tree, laughing suddenly quiet, she has forgotten who took over from the balls of candied fruit, so the fight has not been away from the hand, straight grip until now . Even without the mirror, she also imagine how ridiculous he is now. Looking flushers,; she could not help but laugh, bead Bob crashed on the trembling leaves from just feel, at this moment, in front of the woman is so fresh, her smile bright pure, like a rare sunny winter . he took considerate candied fruit of a tree and fell from her hands and gave her a pumping, asked:. “Since not bear to lose,; you must really like to eat this.” quiet laugh with great difficulty breathing calmed down, did not confirm nor deny, smile took over, rock candy wrapped hawthorn, her light smell, look not to eat leaves from the back to ask: ” how you will be here.” leaves seem to think of what he heard from the important things, and then they relaxed a chuckle:.; “momentary carelessness, was touched purse, chase you encountered is silver definitely come back, so Chu girl . “His eyes flashed a mischievous, continued:.” You have to invite me to dinner. ” his tone, his eyes,; smiled nether, and he appeared in the Silk City, is not accidental. Ge Wu Hill Little Lord, even the name can not escape the temptation to wash jiange head. Why did she feel sorry for All the best talents in the world can not escape, not only called her mind She Dan Xiao, “dinner what, I’ve invited.;” She pointed to dozens of root candied fruit, nodded a ceremony, flutter away. uu book  B UuTXt.com Quan Xiang Lian mosquito words Bliss Chapter II Yan Zi enchanting Words: 4581 Red illuminated the Baitie, flat on the dressing table. When the evening is already under, facing quiet laugh Ryoka mirror, three fingers sub Dai Lo Mei Feng Office sketched out in a perfect arc,; she gestures micro pick up shallow brow, eyebrows as she looked in the mirror with mountains Chui, head if late empty planetesimals, lips escaped a laugh, smile means unknown . I do not know since when, she began to enjoy some makeup time, the original plain white face was painted at the same time delicate, she felt,; was making a beautiful mask, such feelings, she never mentioned on Miaomiao like a heart privacy, do not want to be known to anyone. “pop”, she withheld rouge box, Miao immediately took a comb and asked: ” Court mainly what hairstyle” laugh quiet eyes, still not off the mirror, transverse flow,; swing the slightest only unspeakable seductive. She shook her head, red mirror revealing a big smile, “Do not comb it. So.” a head of black hair like satin waterfall pouring wanton, with only a silver leaf between the amount, she pushed out the door, put sleeves,; skirt thick tangled hair color and ink flying, she will throw behind him holding the hands of Baitie The Miao, this is the first to go out alone after the assassination of her self. There are two reasons, one Baitie word from the left upper lobe: ” Dead heart, why Gaudy” she sneered as this sentence, he told her they know what Simple character, she saw only ridicule. The second is similar to his place,; an arena even seldom dare to set foot in her home land only park. Just look at what name do not see, but no wonder the three countries, only park, boundless beauty, with the gold and silver into the water, when the rest of the neverending. It was created in a woman’s hand, before the King all starry courtesan a costume.; the first time a star hung sky, laughing quiet carriage parked in front of the park just in time. A handsome Tonger already welcome at the door, wait for quiet laugh asked, respectfully invite her into the garden. She thought, would see a glamorous, voluptuous scene, did not think,; just park, so quiet, except for the flow of warm air, fragrant, a little romance she not smell the odor. Tonger will introduce a small building she would back down. Quiet laugh obviously felt that this building’s air, unusually warm, like June weather,; the room was very open to build, but meager furnishings, can almost be described as open only to fill this empty, is a row of potted flower shelf peony, white, pink, purple, comes in full bloom. She raised an eyebrow,; do not let the inverse peony festival is here to put the owner’s quirks Merry passenger or one of the many means to attract Although some disdain, but she had to admit that there is indeed enchanting peony, especially that one purple, from the door, she noticed it in the positive direction of her pride in full bloom, the flowers sized size, making tough Stems may seem difficult to load, stacked with flower petals ambiguous, like the European lady skirt,; but the most difficult to shift her purpose, is its color. Purple, cool color, never more visible than is red, not to mention its deep purple is so thick, close to the night’s black. However, it is so easy to grab the limelight all the flowers,; not to posture but myself no trouble standing there laughing. “So you know the flower.” leaves from the quiet voice that smile back to God, she pulled out a stalemate in the dark purple petals eyes, “do not know, I just feel the United States.” He looked at her dress today, undisguised admiration in the eyes, approached two steps continue to ask: ” only the United States” quiet laugh did not answer,; asked him: “Why seen a man” leaves from smiled and said:. ” I knew you would come, how can any of those laity mundane dirty ears and eyes of your land and you do not seem to care about how to fame.” difficult for her to believe. He got off the gold this cave is about today’s package. Ge Wu Villa although orders martial arts to strength. But they have never heard of such a strong financial ground. She unhesitatingly replied: “How much is a pound of fame” leaves from laughter to clear the way:. “.; indeed wash jiange to Gezhu go with a friend, waiting for us.” “Who” “into a costume.” duo into the room. A woman leaning sit to hear the case side ring turned. Did not get up welcoming to mean. Gestures full of lazy atmosphere. Costume looked into quiet laughter. Sight on the piece of silver leaves after a brief stopover.; She realized what like. Uphold smiled. not blame her quiet smile unreasonable, just praise, in front of the woman, completely free from the shackles of years, one can not see old faces, I do not know how many women jealous to let crazy. Fame at the age of fifteen into costume as prostitutes,; she became famous in the United States, after the ransom, she founded the existence of such a park ended, from the identity of prostitutes, but not from the pleasure quarters, why park only famous because she’s brilliant. Twelve years, and so far no one can say what the woman had a brilliant costume. She is like building dark purple peony flower,; it will easily become addicted people dragged into the situation. Her color is not as peony show people that she would her life in the past, after precipitation of the order thick purple, and then outline a painting into every expression, every finger. forthrightly into the costume looked quiet smile, eyes flashing light means that even a hint of pity, she said: “Your heart is only half dead .” language down,; her eyes on another smear thick purple, never see emotions. laugh quiet breathing of a lag, churn reduction and anger on her heart died did not die, the two men off in front of what They understand how much her thing How deep understanding of her TANTAI Qin tangle She pretended not care about the way their own seat. Leaves from keeping up sitting beside her, she Ce Toukan him, her eyes a bit poor, he did not care,; hand jade, her eyes filled a cup. costume smiles tenderly into the cup to move away from the front of the leaf, the leaf from the pot pushed to her and said:. “myself” a costume is not angry, only reluctantly shook his head, and that action can not see their thirties woman athletic, like a girl Qingdouchukai general tender. Wine over throat,; she suddenly quiet laugh to see fixed, a single word:. ” Half dead, or to die a most painful neat, on the contrary, it is better to cure How fortunate you are to have a person who is willing to heal you.” She glanced leaves from migraine, reddish leaves from his face and said: “No way, I think,; since you can talk and laugh among my many years of deepseated pain, perhaps, her, you can, so . ” laugh . leaves moved slightly away from the secluded invited her intention turned out to be so Everyone has everyone’s past, leaves from, and perhaps could be a few words during the occasional costume a few words to resolve,; but her . not. She looked leaves from, what his injury is Then she lied miserable angry teenager, after experiencing deepseated pain, but also to grow into what is now the gentleman Or is it all just his appearance She would think so, because she has learned not intend for anyone to go, too much effort has been, and now,; she just wanted to love yourself. trio invariably calm down, each have their own thoughts. Drinker than a costume and leaves from the quiet laugh, I saw her crimson noodles, gift Chromic. Then, for the first time in her life, there is no one to speak with one belonging to a girl named Tako dance children’s fate.; Yes, she’s not talking about himself, but also his own, but whether it is not, is purely a story, she did not care to listen to people who can understand, she is trying to say it. When scribbled ending story, she got up and sigh to himself: “How many years did not dance the .;” leaves shimmer from the eyes flash, smellstory window, just a moment and folded hands more than a palmsized leaves. He looked into the costume and asked: “To what song.” costume back into his bright smile, kicked off the show one pair of silver shoes, beautiful and breathtaking foot exposed to air, Ying white jade. “Lotus Song.;” lotus song on the fifteenyearold ., into a dance costume Qionglou price sold his first night, jumping is Zhezhi song. She year, although deep dust, but a heart still flawless, like the water of Pure Lotus. Men and women love,; does not make the heart, such as wells dried up dead, most people do not eat wounding spit bones secular, despicable use of neverending, and ten thousand people read all ashes betrayal! She looked quiet smile, smile. Leaves from bring this woman, she first felt amazing,; not looks, but temperament. Once quiet laugh too hard Ming heart love, hurt, and she will not be wrong. But at least, that hurt to laugh quiet man, never use and betrayal, which is part of a quiet laugh fortunate!; Her early life was destroyed, but quiet laugh, as well as save. One who will decide for themselves, the heart will not die. leaves from the leaves close to the thin lips, breath slow delivery, leaves a slight vibration, clear distant cheerful tunes poured in Kongkuo room.; toe tap into costume, slender fingers curled, showing graceful arc. Yang wide sleeves, waist with temperament Qingbai, as the breeze willow, long eyelashes a low lift between customs million. Her dance, such as twigs Smart jump between birds belonging worldly pure as lotus girl,; only she knows, dance changed, but not more than ten years ago, never tread share of mind. She was drunk, the heart has really died because she could not recall the memory of that person’s face. Spinner toe, faster and faster, her dance,; dyed angry, mad . soaked leaves from the song catch her speed, came to an end. However, people dancing, nonstop, it seems completely forgotten the existence of his quiet and laugh. leaves from just watching and laughing into the secluded costume dance to the madness,; too gorgeous beauty burns their eyes, this dance, not with the body in the show, but if the heat exhaustion of life, laughter quiet hearts of a pain, shadow moving when she pulled into the costume’s sleeves, skirts outside in a silk costumes and slipped half a rotation, everything finally return to calm. No trace of expression into the costume looked coldly quiet smile,; lips delicately, she said: “Do you know how many people in the world struggle for survival, but as a man, what makes you qualified to say painted colorful masks disheartened. “Her fingers, cold, laughing like a snake on the same secluded ask eyebrow, forced Yiceng, emerald green dyed into costume painted red Koudan fingers,;” Look, polished off. ” quiet startled laugh, while a costume and walked away, leaving her from the room and leaves. long while, quiet laugh laugh nervously at her from the leaves, but do not know what to do. She smiled straight into tears,; into costume right, her heart is not dead. Compared to a costume, her feelings but also profoundly naive. Her selfdeception, is TANTAI Qin and married, but my heart had actually maintain a desired, expected to have a knowledge that she knows she hurt her cherish her human existence, will marry with a lifetime filled heart riddled Blood Cave.; If you can return to a past life, she wanted to have more than one person can go back with her, should not go back, after the death of at least one person was when the Ching Ming grave monument whisper on. How many people can not be successful in love lament their misfortune, but do not know happiness is not lament and selfflagellation in heaven will give to you, her eyes beating two clusters of flame, carrying sleeve mercilessly wipe the lip rouge, red,; blooming of the cheek, her sky: “TANTAI Qin you worth!!” sixth outlet, hidden in the window of a figure at once pupil contraction, holding the girl robe men face surfaced in his mind, he remembers, nine years ago, the spirit of the state ferry,; the woman who called Mo Ni go down when reading it is these three words TANTAI Qin. Strong man in brown, and on that day was still young carved into his heart, he can not forget TANTAI Qin Tingjian directed He said: “nonsense really much.” As spirit, not anger and prestige. He laughed Akira God . Chu Qin . quiet .; TANTAI impossible . He looked dazed as he usually is in the room in her absence. never tried to comfort the woman leaves off, if there is only during childhood, with a tender hand he wiped the tears of a man. Hesitation, he finally bite, clean fingers, wrist hanging secluded stretch laugh.; Just about two skin touching moment, popping sound, his hand caught off guard by another person opened. Leaves from the look has always been people, wondering, “Yunxiong . how can you be this.” laugh with this sentence turned quiet, fairy face reflected into the eyes,; but the cloud is intended to avoid the beginning of her eyes, red